News from Zimbabwe

July 11th, 2012

Kayla Dinces and Lena Morrison, this year’s winners of the Davis Peace Prize for Brandeis, are busy at work in Zimbabwe.  The two have started a blog to keep us posted on their journey.  Check in on them at  Kayla and Lena are meeting with the young women they plan to work with.


The kids rehearsing for their drama performance.


Kayla and Lena will show the women how to make reusable sanitary pads.  The young women, who have little or no access to sanitary pads, will soon be able to make pads for themselves as well as begin to produce pads which they will sell to others.  It is a very exciting project!  We will keep you posted.

Below are some of the highlights from Lena and Kayla.

“It was so great to learn how to make the pads ourselves, we are so excited about the prospect of sharing it with the girls here at Chiedza next week.”


“We arrived at Chiedza only three days ago, but it feels a bit like a lifetime ago, as the sights and sounds of this bustling place have surrounded us, the dry earth and pounding sun in the daytime, the chilly evenings, (it is winter here in Zimbabwe) and warmth of all the people we have met.”