PAX Statement of Solidarity with #FordHall2015

December 4th, 2015

Below is the PAX Program’s statement of solidarity with #FordHall2015. Though the occupation has ended, with success, we feel it is important to share this nonetheless.

Statement of solidarity with #FordHall2015

The Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence Studies program (PAX) stands in solidarity with the students of #FordHall2015. At the heart of PAX is the mission to teach students how to analyze structures and processes of injustice, how to interact nonviolently with the world around them, and how to work effectively to improve it.

We believe it is essential to seek to investigate the nature of power, political participation, release from domination and exploitation, and the self’s relation to all this. We fully and enthusiastically endorse the Concerned Students’ efforts to make Brandeis more fully sensitive to race, gender, class, and other issues of oppression.

With some expertise in conflict resolution and its many applications and nuances, we offer to be as helpful as possible in any of the phases of the work ahead where we would be welcome to take part in this most urgent and promising dynamic under way.

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