Celebrate Peace on the Earth Day

April 12th, 2013

April 22nd, from 12 – 1:30 pm
SCC Art Gallery (317)

Reception for this year’s Peace Prize Winners

Sarah Van Buren ’13, Natan Odenmeier ’15, Shota Adamia ’15 (Karpf & Hahn Peace Prize)
Mangaliso Mohammed ’13 and Ardak Meterkulova ’13 (Davis Peace Prize)

Sponsored by the Peace, Conflict & Coexistence Program, and Cosponsored by the Environmental Studies Program and Department of Sociology


Davis Peace Prize Winners!

March 20th, 2013

Two Brandeis students have been awarded $10,000.00 each to spend this Summer working on their projects promoting peace.  The awards come from the Davis Projects for Peace.  Our Brandeis students, Mangaliso Mohammed and Ardak Meterkulova, entered the annual competition for this prestigious award.

Mangaliso Mohammed and Ardak Meterkulova both designed projects that address AIDS prevention in remarkably different ways.

Back to Basics: Food for Healing HIV

Brandeis senior Mangaliso Mohammed will implement his project in his home country of Swaziland. Mohammed’s project takes  a holistic approach to HIV treatment through fresh food with plans to reach out to HIV orphans in Nkwalini by engaging them in the creation of a vegetable garden and a free-range chicken farm at the area’s Health and Social Center. Mohammad also plans to extend the farming project to at least 20 homes in the area, promoting healthy eating and encouraging traditional methods of food production. This project will provide a stable food supply within a population struggling with poverty, filling the bellies of HIV patients whose medication’s effectiveness improves with regular healthy meals. In addition, extra food will provide a source of income to keep the project going and establish a Farmer’s Market.

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 12.06.51 PM

HIV/AIDS Education

Ardak Meterkulova, a senior from Kazakhstan, who is an HSSP and Business double-major plans on raising HIV/AIDS awareness by creating a bilingual educational film, in Russian and Kazakh in the Almaty region of her home country. Meterkulova’s film will be used in summer camps along with exercises and texts, in order to enlighten 9th graders as to the nature of the illness, ways to prevent it, and how to respond compassionately to those infected by it. Meterkulova plans to locate ten medical students interested in HIV/AIDS work and set them up with USAID training to help her implement the educational aspect of the project. There is expected to be a big impact from the film and educational program on Almaty’s heavily conservative Muslim community, which does not implement any type of sex education.

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New Facebook Page!

March 18th, 2013

Please take a look at our new PAX Facebook Page! Like, comment and let us know your opinions and suggestions.

Women Peacemakers on the Ethnic Borders of Bosnia Herzegovina

March 4th, 2013


The Women’s Research Center at Brandeis will be hosting an upcoming lecture and discussion on women’s roles in peacebuilding in Bosnia on the borders between Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox Christian villages. This event will feature Zilka Spahic Siljak, a Visiting Scholar at the Harvard Divinity School, who has conducted fieldwork and interviews with women peace activists in the Bosnian postwar society. Please join us at 4PM on Tuesday, March 12th, at the Women’s Studies Research Center (Epstein).
More event info at: http://www.brandeis.edu/investigate/events/2013/Women-Peacemakers-Bosnia-Herzegovina.html


February 25th, 2013

Kathryn Davis, the founder of Davis Projects for Peace, just turned 106th years old! Brandeis University is lucky to be one of the recipients from this project, awarding a prize every year for a Brandeis student.

Davis Projects for Peace is funded by Kathryn W. Davis, a lifelong internationalist and philanthropist (who earned a B.A. from Wellesley, an M.A. from Columbia, and a Ph.D. from the University of Geneva) who is now over 105 years old. She is the mother of Shelby M.C. Davis who funds the Davis UWC Scholars Program currently involving 90 American colleges and universities. Mrs. Davis feels some urgency to spark initiatives for building prospects for peace in the world and so is committing $1 million to fund these numerous $10,000 projects for peace. She believes that today’s youth – tomorrow’s leaders – ought to be challenged to formulate and test their own ideas.

Happy birthday to Kathryn Davis, and for more information, check out the website:


Harry Potter Alliance Update

January 16th, 2013

HPA Update by Nina Hersher, Co-president of the Harry Potter Alliance: Imagine Better

Last semester alum Andrew Slack ’02, came to speak on campus which lead to the creation of the“The Harry Potter Alliance: Imagine Better,” chapter at Brandeis University! Just instituted in Fall of 2012 , we are looking forward to launching ourselves into effective and fun social justice projects this semester. Last semester the HPA held a book drive for the Children’s Hospital in Boston which was a smashing success.

What we do:
The Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) is a 501c3 nonprofit that takes an outside-of-the-box approach to civic engagement by using parallels from the Harry Potter books to educate and mobilize young people across the world toward issues of literacy, equality, and human rights. Our mission is to empower our members to act like the heroes that they love by acting for a better world. By bringing together fans of blockbuster books, TV shows, movies, and YouTube celebrities we are harnessing the power of popular culture toward making our world a better place. Our goal is to make civic engagement exciting by channeling the entertainment-saturated facets of our culture toward mobilization for deep and lasting social change.

As we enter the new semester…

- We will have a table at the winter involvement fair this Sunday the 20th from 1-3pm.
- This Wednesday the 23rd will be our first meeting and we encourage anyone interested to attend! It will be held at 7:30 in the Peace Room located in Usdan.

Co-presidents Nina Hersher and Sarah Zoloth may be contacted for further information at nhersher@gmail.com or szoloth@brandeis.edu.

Check out our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/BrandeisHPA



‘Deis Impact! Keynote Talk

December 17th, 2012

Keynote Talk on Feb. 6, 2013
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: Levin Ballroom, Usdan
By Eliza and Judy Dushku

Actress Eliza Dushku and her mother, Judy, a professor at Suffolk University, will speak about their work with the social-justice organization that Judy founded in war-torn Uganda.

For more information, contact Marci McPhee (mcphee@brandeis.edu) and Todd Kirkland (tkirk@brandeis.edu).

bVIEW – A new initiative on campus

December 14th, 2012

Check out the article written by BrandeisNOW on bVIEW – a new initiative on campus that seeks to bring together because  that care about Israel, regardless of their perspective. These students, both Israeli and American, are planning a Boston-wide conference that will probably take place in January of next year.

Link to full article!


Davis Peace Prize Application!

December 6th, 2012

Last Year’s winners, Kayla Dinces and Lena Morrison in Zimbabwe

Don’t forget that the…
Davis Peace Award
application will be due soon after winter break!

Don’t miss this great opportunity to win $10,000 to create a project to build peace anywhere in the world.

Application deadline: January 18th, 2013

Interested in applying? Speak with Professor Gordie Fellman (fellman@brandeis.edu) prior to Winter Break

Questions? Contact Cheryl Hansen at chansen@brandeis.edu