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Generation Y – am I?

December 1st, 2010 · No Comments

Finding information and sorting information faster…honestly, I wouldn’t say I am faster at finding information than the average person. I’ve been taught some tricks for web searching, but I’m not the savviest, and when I need to sort thoughts out, pen and paper works best, though I can use Excel for groups of numbers. However, to fully take advantage of technology’s resources requires more education than the average person, even of my generation, likely has.

Communication – eh, I’ve always had difficulties with communication, usually in the realm of over-thinking what to say and what someone might think and what I want them to think that I’m not going to say, etc…and I don’t enunciate well. And I hate my phone voice. And my writing is not usually as organized as it could be. Case in point…

Career mobility? That depends on what skills you learn, and how successful you are, and basically how good your resume looks. I wouldn’t say I have any particular advantages in this area.

Career resilience – so career resilience is being able to start your own job? I suppose I could consider doing photos for events as starting my own job/business, in which case, yes, I have that fall-back net. I wouldn’t say that it’s age-related.

I suppose I agree with the article in the sense that it’s harder for older-aged people to do things like learn to use new technology, change careers, (though that might be easier for someone in a management position,) and, within the realm of learning new skills, start a new business. I would never dream of saying to one of my English professors or Journalism professors that I was a better communicator though. That’s something you learn on the job as a basic interpersonal management skill, and from writing and reading a lot. My professors might not always know how to change the volume for the computer speakers, but a lot of the work ethic is learned through experience, and they have that advantage over Gen Y’ers. And not that I have anything against the term, but I don’t particularly feel as though there’s something that unites all the people of our generation together, just simply with there being so many of us.

On the test, I got 17. I personally felt the bar was set a little low – visited MySpace 5 times? – but that’s the perspective of an inside looking out, so I suppose I’m biased.

And I would have answered the quiz just the same before this class, I was experimenting with blogs and websites in middle school, and this class hasn’t changed my texting habits.

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Video questions/update

November 17th, 2010 · No Comments

I’ve been slipping a bit, not paying attention to project requirements and setup.  I knew the audio project was less than coherent, but I thought the last one was an improvement. I wanted to avoid using my voice, but I forgot to use it at all, and I guess it would have been more coherent had I done so.

But I did do a photo essay for The Hoot, using some of the ideas that were brought to mind by creating the audio slideshow. We didn’t know how to upload the photos and captions in slideshow format onto the website, though, so it’s a static webpage.

And I’ll be creating an audio podcast for Alison Bass’s class, using the recording of an interview with Lissa Young, a military veteran discharged under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. I guess that will be a chance to figure out how to insert my own voice into an audio recording as well.

As for this class’s final project: I was going to a do a tour of the castle, but looking at the video tours from previous classes, I feel as though that might be too ambitious. I saw that people were used as characters in the video tours to add information on the locations, so I guess my first question would be to what extent audio is required in a video tour? I was planning on using audio and people to make the video tours more interesting, but not exactly in an informative way.

And this might be me overreaching as well, but I really hate the idea of just doing a video tour of a place on campus that has no meaning, so I was  wondering if I could take a video of a place, and sort of make up descriptions on what it is and what happened there for fun. Conceptualizing video ideas is taking time out of actually filming, though for instance, if I just did a tour of the same room 4 times but changed the interior each time to represent a different season, with white confetti on the floor for winter and leaves for autumn, etc., it might not take that long to shoot. So my second question is, would this be allowed?

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October 27th, 2010 · 1 Comment

One of the things I am learning is definitely time management…working on the audio project is not exactly difficult, though I am not completely familiar with all of Soundtrack Pro’s functions just yet. But with less than 30 minutes of audio to edit, I thought I could finish the editing aspect of the project in about an hour’s worth of time, and that was just false. I think as I have become more familiar with the software it has taken me less time to get started working, and I have spent less time nitpicking on exactly how long the spaces in between my interviewees words are, and that is just part of the learning experience I guess.

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Chris Brown: XC Runner

October 14th, 2010 · No Comments

This is my slideshow presentation on Chris Brown, a junior at Brandeis and a cross-country runner.

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“Dissecting Dead Animal Man” Podcast

October 3rd, 2010 · 2 Comments

That was an interesting podcast to listen to. I wouldn’t have thought you could get such a rich story from a man who picks up dead animal corpses for a living.

One of the things I thought was interesting was the idea of modeling to get your interviewee to open up about describing things, which I’ve seen at work in other real life scenarios but didn’t think to use in my interview. I did give examples of what I was looking for at some points, since I used to be a runner and I was interviewing a runner, so I had some ideas in mind. But I was trying to interview in a way that I wouldn’t have to use my own voice in the finished product; that’s something I should perhaps reconsider.

Another interesting thing about the podcast was that Ira, the interviewer, seemed to do the entire interview while Clarence, the Dead Animal Man, was on the job. I think it’s a useful technique to get more out of the story, to pick up ambient sounds and descriptions of the scenes, but too difficult to do for my story, since that would mean interviewing the guy while he was running somewhere, and I doubt I could keep up. Maybe I could have tried harder to go on a van ride for their Tuesday or Friday practices, since they all go off-campus together and run together, which might facilitate some sort of conversation.

Also, the idea of challenging the interviewee on their perspectives is interesting; I would have thought it’d be better to be more open to whatever they feel like saying, but it seemed to work well for Ira’s interview, so maybe I’ll try it more with mine in the future.

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Class assignment questions

September 22nd, 2010 · 3 Comments

So I have been thinking for a while now about what an “aha” moment would have been for me in this class, and after a lot of brainstorming about it I have to say that I do not think I have had an “aha” moment yet in this class, or any other class I am taking this year.  I am certainly learning new things, like how to use photoshop, and understanding things in ways I did not understand them before, such as how .tif works vs. .jpeg, and trying new things out with voice recording. But I have not gotten the “aha” feeling yet, and I will let you know when I do.

I am also trying not to use contractions as advised in my journalism class, and my writing voice sounds really awkward to me like this, but we will see how this goes.

As for a question…I wonder if it would be possible to put music on the slideshow project behind the spoken words. It might not be very official and journalistic but I think it would be nice, if possible.

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Nathan: The internet is an unqualified success

September 16th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Nathan is a Brandeis student. Growing up, he lived in 17 different states. He never stayed in one place for too long before he and his parents packed up their belongings and moved to a different city. For him, the internet helped him both make and maintain friendships with people, giving him a link to people that survived him moving from place to place. He was an early user of facebook when it first came out, and now says he’s on facebook all the time.

Speaking about the internet, Nathan said,

“The internet has made, not only saved, but made, a social life for people like me….We used to move every – all, all the time, always in the summer, and my birthday is August 13th….So like always, I’d have no one there at my birthday. When I had…my first experience in a chat room, it was a chat on a series of books….Well it just became this community that discussed everything, not just the books….so I met friends in Washington and Florida and Virginia, so even when I moved from Nevada to California I still had friends to talk to. The internet was always a big deal to me.”

When asked about the dangers of the internet, Nathan replied,

“There’s always the chance that someone could stalk you and attack you…which could happen anyway. The neighbor could do that, you know what I mean?”

“No one ever says, oh well well fridges are kind of a mixed blessing to humanity because they sometimes fall on people, you know? Like, it’s asinine. The internet is a qualified success in every instance whatsoever.”

When asked whether the internet could replace in-person interactions, Nathan showed more mixed feelings, professing an appreciation for having relationships in-person as well.

“I really really like personal interaction. It’s not something I always had….So I mean, like here, at college, I love it. I love living with friends.”

“I feel like people at Brandeis are really huggy, you know? People you just met will just like lay on you, and like, plop on your bed and watch a movie, and to me that’s really nice….It just shows that you care about someone.”

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Awesome guitar and 24/7 shoes

September 12th, 2010 · No Comments

Hey Imaginary Pen Pal,

I don’t know if there’s a way to insert pictures not as a gallery…something I’ll have to look into. But these are pictures of my guitar and my shoes – also things I use regularly.

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My cell phone is a rockstar

September 6th, 2010 · 4 Comments

Hello Imaginary Pen Pal,

I don’t know if you can actually get to know me through this, but here are two photos of something I use every day: my cell phone.

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