The Changing Face of Science Reflected in Exciting New Courses

BCHM 107b Advanced Topics in Biochemistry: Research Hoedown
Prerequisite: BCHM 100a. May not be taken for credit by students who
took BCHM 103b in spring 2009.
An eclectic series of lectures taught by members of the faculty in
their own area of research, with the intent that the student gain an
in-depth appreciation for current research in the field, as well as a
first hand exposure to biochemical research at Brandeis. Usually
offered every year.

BCHM 155b Biochemistry Laboratory
Prerequisite: BCHM 100a must be taken before or concurrently with this
course. Required course for the MS in Biotechnology. Course fee: $150.
Time-intensive laboratory class provides hands-on experience in
biochemical techniques, with a focus on proteins. Students engage in
skill-building and inquiry-based experiments. Students present
research findings in written and oral formats. Usually offered every
Ms. Westover

COSI 177a Intro to Scientific Computing
Introduces scientific computing using Matlab and similar domain
specific languages. Introduces the fundamental programming conecpets –
data types, vectors, conditional executions, loops, procedural
abstract, modules, APIs. Then presents a series of Scientific
Programming case studies from physics, chemistry, biology,
mathematics, and computer science. Usually offered every second year.
Mr. Hickey

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