The Changing Face of Science Reflected in Exciting New Courses

NBIO 123b Population Genetics/Genomics
Prerequisite: BIOL 22a.
Overviews the causes and consequences of genetic differences between
and within species. Introduces classical population genetics and
modern genomics and explores their application to understanding the
genetics of neurological disorders. Usually offered every second year.
Mr. Garrity

BIOL 124b Epigenetics
Prerequisites: BIOL 18a,b and 22a,b.
For years our concept of gene expression has been written in the
language of DNA. Recently, scientists are turning their attention to
alterations in chromatin structure that can stably and heritably
influence gene expression. Such epigenetic changes are reversible and
responsive to the environment. Drawing on readings from the primary
literature, this course explores molecular mechanisms underlying
diverse epigenetic phenomena. Their role in development, evolution,
and human health is also considered.
Mr. Morris

BIOT 201b Business of Biotechnology
Biotechnology industries are based upon recombinant DNA methodology.
Most are in areas of medicine, agriculture, and manufacturing.
Business of Biotechnolgy gives an overview of these sectors and
introduces their research and development models, regulation,
financing, and marketing. Usually offered every year.
Mr. Simister

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