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Thanks to a gift from Vertica, an HP company, the Department of Computer Science is doing some remodeling in the Volen Center, creating a modern computer laboratory lounge for our students. Classroom 105 is being moved to Volen 119, formerly known as the Berry Patch; Rooms 104 and 105 are being combined and fit with soft furniture, workstations, and group work tables as a comfortable place to sit and work individually and on group projects. We are also upgrading the furniture in the Volen lobby itself.




The CS Systems Operations page says:

2011-06-15: The Berry Patch […] will be closing for renovations on 6/17/2011. The workstations in room 118 next door will remain available, as will the remote shell servers (coeus and themis); several other workstations will also be accessible for remote-only use.

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