Brandeis grad students guest edit The Biochemist

Brandeis graduate students Kene Piasta (Biochemistry, PhD ’11), Dharia McGrew (Mol. Cell. Biology, PhD ’11) and Lena Webb (Mol. Cell. Biology, MS ’11) were recently rewarded with the chance to be guest editors for The Biochemist, the bi-monthly magazine for members of the Biochemical Society. The issue they produced, with articles covering “The Science of Sensation“, is now available. The issue covers the biology of the five senses people have (and one that people don’t have but fish do). All three students have moved on from Brandeis: Lena now edits scripts for the Journal of Visualized Experiments, Kene is a postdoc in Joseph Falke’s lab at U. Colorado, Boulder, studying bacterial two-component chemoreceptors, and Dharia is a science and technology policy fellow with the state of California.

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