Leir Foundation Neuroscience Symposium Aug 26-27

Dean Susan Birren writes:

I am pleased to announce the Leir Foundation Neuroscience Symposium to be held at Brandeis on Monday and Tuesday August 26-27.

Funded by a grant from the Leir Foundation to facilitate collaborations between Brandeis and Israeli neuroscientists, the Symposium will include talks and informal discussions with Israeli neuroscientists.  The Symposium will provide a framework for establishing Leir-funded postdoctoral fellowships and funding for collaborative projects to uncover new avenues of inquiry on existing projects.

Schedule of talks by invited speakers:

9 am Gerstenzang 121
Eytan Domany (Weizmann Institute)
Pathway-based Personalized Analysis of Cancer

9:45 am Gerstenzang 121
Noam Ziv (Technion)
Activity, Synapses & Cholinergic tone: A Bedtime Story

10:45 am Gerstenzang 121
Avraham Yaron (Weizmann Institute)
Mechanisms of axonal pruning

Mon 8/26/13 11:30 am Gerstenzang 121
Misha Tsodyks (Weizmann Institute)
Information storage and retrieval in neural network models of long-term memory


The Henry J. Leir Brandeis-Israel Research Initiative, funded by the Connecticut-based Leir Charitable Foundations, will provide postdoctoral felloships for up-and-coming Israeli scientists at Brandeis, and will provide starter funding for collaborative projects between Israeli and Brandeis neuroscientists.

see story at BrandeisNOW: Brandeis Israel research initiative starts strong

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