Carolyn Cohen, Structural Biology Pioneer

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  1. Jerry Cohn says:

    Unlike all of the above friends, I knew Carolyn through art, not science. I met her at least forty-five years ago, when she was a print collector — as was I. I was also a paper conservator at Harvard’s Fogg Art Museum, and I matted and framed her prints as they came along. Penultimately, she met my husband, ultimately he became a professor at Brandeis, and after we all had became fast friends, we discovered that her partner Barbara and I had almost coincident birthdays — you can imagine the fond parties that followed. There really isn’t much more to say, except that Carolyn’s talent for friendship and good company exceeded even her scientific brilliance and her cultural depth, and that says a lot.

  2. Denise Dumas LeBlanc says:

    I want to extend my sympathies to Carolyn’s family, friends, and colleagues. I worked for more than 10 years with the great fourth floor researchers at the Rosenstiel Center – beginning with Susan Lowey. I had left after the birth of my second child when Carolyn called asking me to fill part time for “just a few weeks”. Those 2 weeks extended into nearly 5 years.
    Carolyn’s scientific curiosity and rigor were complemented by her interest in art, literature, and life. Our conversations were quick, to the point, but also surprisingly wide ranging and thought provoking – from both a scientific and personal perspective.
    My experiences with Carolyn, Susan, and the many researchers I met at Brandeis have (and continue to) greatly enriched my personal and professional life. I will always remember Carolyn’s spirited approach to science and life.
    Denise Dumas LeBlanc

  3. Yuting Yang says:

    I had worked for Carolyn for three years between 2003 and 2006. During the three years and the years after, she had always been there whenever I needed her support. I remember the days that she would “hire” a driver for me worrying me driving alone to synchrotron. I remember that she had made efforts to extend my employment when I first joined my husband in Detroit without a job. I remember she would always be there to encourage you and give you all the freedom to pursue the idea you had. I remember she took so seriously on her lectures even though she might have taught the class for years. I am grateful for having Carolyn as my mentor. I will always remember her kindness, her encouragements, and her smile. She will always live in my heart.

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