Apply to Brandeis Innovation’s 12th Annual Sprout program for access to a pool of $100,000 in funds

Applications are now open for the Sprout program. Take your translational research to the next level with a grant funded by Brandeis Innovation/Office of Technology Licensing. Research activities that Sprout funds include:

  • Proof of Concept work
  • Preclinical Study
  • Prototype development
  • Other pre-Commercialization Research

In addition to funding, you will get support in exploring the commercialization potential of your invention, including the opportunity to engage with the industry.

No overhead! A $20,000 Sprout grant is equivalent to a $32.5K federal grant.

Deadline: Apr 10, 2022 at midnight

How to Apply: Fill out the pre-application here. The application will ask you for details about your project, your team, and how you would use the funding.

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