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The Science at Brandeis blog aims to keep readers up to date about science research and education at  Brandeis University. We aim to provide news, announcements and resources for and about our vibrant community of scientists, in a way that is accessible to non-specialist audiences.

The rationale for using a WordPress blog is to

  • make it easy for anyone here at Brandeis to post content, and
  • ,ake easy for readers to keep up with “what’s new” in their own area of interest.

Contact karel at brandeis dot(.) edu about becoming a contributor

The sidebar has several RSS feeds, originating outside this blog, relevant to the community. For example, it lists all new items appearing in PubMed with “Brandeis” as the author affiliation. We welcome suggestions for additional feeds.

To keep abreast of changes in this blog without directly visiting this site, i highly recommend that you subscribe to the RSS feed that this blog generates, or you can subscribe via email using Feedburner. You can also use the tags on stories to generate an RSS feed (see the “tag cloud” widget in the righthand sidebar for the most common tags used). For example,

is a feed that only contains the stories about new research from Brandeis labs. To limit the feed to a specific lab, try something like

If your lab isn’t represented yet,  help change that by sending me stories to post. 1-3 paragraphs and a picture, plus some links for more information seems about right.


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