How to set your vacation message in bmail

It’s getting to the time of year when lots of you will go off for one or more holidays, and might want to leave a note to that effect on the e-mail system. The instructions for setting a vacation message in bmail are a bit obscure and slightly hard-to-find. You’ll find them here on the LTS website. Basically they are:

  • go to Preferences > Mail > Receiving Messages > When a message arrives:
  • check the box for Send auto-reply message:
  • fill out the message, the start date, and the end date.
  • remember to click Save

Sex-specificity of behavior in the fruit fly

What makes a male fly act like a guy?

Adriana Villella and Jeff Hall discuss the neurogenetics of courtship and mating in Drosophila in a new review.

Remote controlling your office computer from home

With winter on the way, I thought it was time to update my instructions for How to Access Your Office Computer from Home

Call or e-mail Steven (or leave a comment here) if you have questions about personalized advice for working from home


Prof. Anne Gershenson from Chemistry has been awarded a grant from the Alpha-1 Foundation to study protein structure related chain formation of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin.

New Sengupta Lab Website

The Sengupta Lab website has been updated with lots of new imagery. Check it out!

Annual Neuroscience Migration

As usual for this time of year, the Neuroscience labs will clear out as everyone goes to the Society for Neuroscience meeting. Leslie Griffith will be giving a Presidential Special Lecture on Sleep: Studying a Human Behavior in an Insect (Monday, 5:15 pm).

Here’s a list of Brandeis-affiliated posters and presentations.

Press from SFN:

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