Quantitative Biology Bootcamp

Dear Students/Postdocs,

All Brandeis life sciences and physical sciences graduate students, postdocs and faculty are invited to attend the 3rd annual Quantitative Biology Bootcamp, which will be held over a two-day period, Sunday January 11, and Monday, January 12, at the Hassenfeld Conference Center.  We think this will be an exciting event for anyone interested in research at the interface of physical and life sciences. Space is limited — if you’re interested in taking part please register by e-mailing Trisha Murray. Please note that registration is a commitment to attend both full days of the bootcamp; if you are unable to come for the entire program please note that in your email and we will try to accommodate you if space is available.   We must hear from you no later than Monday morning, January 5, but please register earlier if possible.  We hope you can join us.

Jané Kondev and Jeff Gelles, QB program chairs

Cell cycle checkpoint from the stringent response

E.coli cells exiting the stringent response

E.coli cells exiting the stringent response

The stringent response in E.coli is a response to nutrient (typically amino acid) starvation and is characterized by the accumulation of the small molecular regulator ppGpp, and a global response in transcriptional regulation.  In a new paper in PLoS Genetics, Daniel Ferullo and Susan Lovett examine chromosome segregation during the stringent respons and discuss what appears to be a novel G1-like cell cycle checkpoint in bacteria that occurs as the result.

Commencement 2009

In case you like to plan way ahead, the schedule for Commencement in May has been released. The main ceremony will be at 10:30 am. The Life Sciences mini-Commencement will be at 1:30 pm in the Gosman Main Arena.

Centrifuge Safety

On December 18th, from 2:00-3:00, Tom Egan from Thermofisher will be presenting on centrifuge safety.  The session will be held in Rosenstiel 118.

Centrifuges are potentially the most dangerous piece of equipment in a lab. You should go to this talk if you use a centrifuge.

Structural diversity of amyloid fibrils

Amyloid fibrils are associated with Alzheimer’s disease. In a recent study published in J. Mol. Biol., Nikolaus Grigorieff and coworkers used electron cyro-microscopy to study these structures and show that these fibrils coexisting in solution can be extremely polymorphic.

Dance your PhD

Heard a story about the Dance your PhD competition on NPR’s Only A Game this morning. Basically, you compose and execute a dance based on the topic of your PhD research. It’s very funny and even vaguely informative. At least one recent seminar speaker was represented.

I may need a large crowd to help me realize my vision for a dance to represent my PhD thesis…

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