Undergraduate Science Symposium

workshop-poster-no-bkgd-comp-imagesBrandeis is hosting an Undergraduate Science Symposium and Career Development Workshop on April 12, 2014 (Saturday) (see attached poster). The goal of this program is to try to encourage interactions between the sciences at Brandeis and local universities, and to provide career mentoring to students interested in the sciences. Registration is free, food is provided, and there will be a poster session with prizes.  Students from a wide variety of institutions have already registered:

  • UMass Boston
  • Brown
  • Endicott
  • Clark
  • Mount Holyoke
  • Framingham State
  • Stonehill

and more.  Register soon before it fills up!

Brandeis Women in Science Initiative Presents: Professor Helen Donis-Keller

Helen Donis-Keller examines the relationship between genotype and phenotype in her art and in her scientific pursuits.

The Women in Science Initiative is pleased to inform you of the first talk of our “Art of Science…” seminar series. Professor Helen Donis-Keller of Olin College will be giving a talk entitled “Coming Full Circle: My Life in Art and Science.”

Dr. Donis-Keller led the research group that developed the first genetic linkage map of the human genome during the 1980s. She has been involved in mapping the human genome and identifying genes and mutations which give rise to heritable disorders. As an artist she uses visual and sonic metaphors for genetic concepts to make them more accessible and increase her understanding of them.

We hope that you will join us Thursday November 15 at 5:30PM in Pearlman 113.

For further details please contact: Mareshia Donald: mareshia@brandeis.edu or Rebecca Kreipke: rek@brandeis.edu

Hors d’oeuvres will be served.

Please inform friends and colleagues of the event

Summer science classes at Brandeis

Enrollment for Summer School 2011 at Brandeis is open now (Session I starts on May 31). A number of science classes are being taught, from General Chemistry to Molecular Biotechnology. There is more information at the new Summer School Blog, including a story about Justin Dore, who is teaching a couple of the courses.

Dance your PhD

Heard a story about the Dance your PhD competition on NPR’s Only A Game this morning. Basically, you compose and execute a dance based on the topic of your PhD research. It’s very funny and even vaguely informative. At least one recent seminar speaker was represented.

I may need a large crowd to help me realize my vision for a dance to represent my PhD thesis…

Mentoring Women in Science

Katie Dalton from the Women’s and Gender Studies Program writes:

I am writing to remind you of the Women in Science Initiative meeting Wednesday (11/12/08) at 5:00pm in the Kugler Lounge (3rd floor bridge between Volen and Bassine). Below is a description of the content of the meeting.

Mentoring Women in Science
The next meeting of the women in science group at Brandeis will focus on a discussion of the role of mentoring in the career of women scientists.  Ruth Charney and Eve Marder will lead the group in talking about how to seek out mentors at important junctures in a woman’s career, what to expect from a mentor, and how to best create a support system that reinforces the goals of women scientists.

Please email Katie with any questions.

Neuroscience: Dancing

Honeybee dancing, that is.

Stefan, Celine, Justin & Tepring wanted to remind everyone that Tom Seeley from Cornell will be visiting and giving a talk on honey bee social behavior next tuesday. Info on Seeley’s work can be found at http://www.nbb.cornell.edu/seeley.shtml

Time: Tue 11/11/08,12 noon     Place: Gerstenzang 121
Neurobiology Journal Club
*Thomas D. Seeley* (Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, Cornell University)
The decision-making process of a honeybee swarm as it chooses a nest site

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