From sequence to consequence: Petsko-Ringe lab celebration

From Sequence to Consequence: Celebrating 30 Years of Science with
Dagmar Ringe and Greg Petsko

June 18-19, 2010
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Shapiro Auditorium

On September 4, 1980, Drs. Dagmar Ringe and Greg Petsko entered into an official collaboration, and the scientific community has never been the same since.  Now, 30 years later, their joint lab at Brandeis University is putting together a symposium to celebrate their combined lifetimes of achievement.  This 2-day event features 20 speakers who either trained or collaborated with the lab, plus a dinner reception on Friday night.  Registration is now open to all members of the Brandeis community.  Details and registration can be found at  The registration code is scc30.

Dagmar and Greg

Pepose Award Lectures Feb. 8 and 9

Neitz Color Vision LogoJay and Maureen Neitz, inaugural winners of the Jay Pepose ’75 Award in Vision Sciences, will deliver lectures on their research in using gene therapy to treat visual disorders on February 8 and 9. Lectures will take place in Gerstanzang 121.

  • Jay Neitz. Monday, Feb. 8, 4:00 p.m. Gene Therapy for Red-Green Color Blindness in Adult Primates (reception precedes lecture at 3:45 pm)
  • Maureen Neitz. Tuesday, Feb. 9, noon. Retinal Activity Patterns and the Cause and Prevention of Nearsightedness (reception precedes lecture at 11:45 am)

2009 Rosenstiel Award and Lectures

The winners of the 38th Lewis S. Rosentiel Award for Distinguished Word in Basic Medical Science are John Gurdon (U. Cambridge, England), Irving Weissman (Stanford Univ.), and Shinya Yamanaka (Kyoto Univ. and UCSF), for their pioneering work in the field of stem cell research. The Rosenstiel Award Lectures will be held on Wed, March 26, 2009, starting at 3 pm in Gerstenzang 123.

Heart Research Seminar Wed Feb 25

Prof. Leslie Leinwand from the University of Colorado at Boulder will be at Brandeis on Feb 25, 2009 to give a lecture in the Heart Research Series sponsored by the Dan Getz Endowed Fund for Heart Disease Research. Her lecture, entitled Modification of the Heart: Lessons Learned from Mice and Pythons, will be given at 4 pm in Gerstenzang 121.

Sense from Chaos in Neural Networks

Distinguished physicist and neuroscientist, former Brandeis professor and alumnus Larry Abbott (Ph.D., Physics, 1977) will return to campus on Monday to speak in the IGERT Computational Neuroscience Seminar Series. Larry will talk about new work on “Sense and Chaos in Neural Networks”. The talk will be in Gerstenzang 121 at 4 pm on Monday, Jan 26. Refreshments are available at 3:45 PM.

Gabbay Award

On Monday, Nov 10, Prof. Alfred Goldberg from Harvard Medical School will be on campus to receive the 2008 Jacob Heskel Gabbay Award and to deliver a lecture on the topic “Functions of the proteasome from protein degradation and immune surveillance to cancer therapy”

For more information, see the online exhibit at

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