Money for summer research projects and fellowships

Joan Press, Undergraduate Advising Head for Biology, wrote:

Over the next few weeks Academic Services will be holding several Info Sessions about the Summer URP and Jerome A. Schiff Fellowships, both of which fund undergraduate research projects.  The Summer URP allows students to ask for any amount from $50-$2,000 to fund summer research, whereas the Schiff’s funding (~$2,000) is designed for larger, (school)year-long projects.  The deadlines will be in mid-March and First-years, Sophomores and Juniors from all departments are all encouraged to apply.

  • Thursday, February 4, 4pm, Academic Services Conference Room (2nd Floor, Usdan)
  • Tuesday, February 9, 3pm, Academic Services Conference Room (2nd Floor, Usdan)
  • Wednesday, February 10, 12pm, Academic Services Conference Room (2nd Floor, Usdan)
  • Monday, February 22, 12pm, Academic Services Conference Room (2nd Floor, Usdan)

Undergraduate authors

Brandeis is proud of its tradition of undergraduates working in science labs,  alongside grad students, staff and postdocs. This work often leads to publications in the primary scientific literature (see list of undergraduate publications).

The most recent of these, by Nicholas Hornstein and collaborators in the Griffith lab, appears in the Journal of Visualized Experiments. This new journal focuses on using streaming video to provide access to high quality demonstrations of lab procedures (in this case, demonstrating dissection technique for doing neurophysiology in Drosophila larvae).

Darwin was a field biologist

ant and treehopper (photo by Dan Perlman)

ant and treehopper (photo by Dan Perlman)

Ok, most Brandeis students don’t get to sail around the world in a wooden boat. On the other hand, over the last several years, Dan Perlman‘s Field Biology classes have produced some very nice field guides about Brandeis and its environs. In honor of Darwin’s birthday, we present:

Field Biology Electronic Field Guides

Categories include: Animals; Trees; Edible, Medicinal, and Useful Plants; Wildflowers; Fungi; Galls

Tax Help 101

Mark Metevier from Student Activities wrote:

[…] I have found that a shocking number of our students do not know they have to file a federal and a state(s) tax return. HR Block has generously agreed to come onto campus on Wednesday at 3:00 PM in the SCC Multipurpose Room for a Tax Help Session. There will be a short presentation on what students should look out for as first time file-ers/ as student file-ers and of course there will be a questions and answer part. […] I had this presentation for my student employees last year and it was a huge help for all of them. I strongly suggest that all student [employees] attend.

Neuroscience Movie Night

News for Neuroscience and Biology undergrads from the Neuroscience UDRs:

The first Neuroscience Movie Night will be Thursday, Feb 12th from 6-9pm in Volen 105!  We will be showing the movie Memento, a psychological thriller about a man with short-term memory loss.  The film will be followed by a discussion led by Professor John Lisman, Neuroscience Program Chair on recent findings on short-term memory. There will be FREE PIZZA as well!

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