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Blue’s Clues

by James Morris

Animals sport a rich palette of colors. Think of a bright red cardinal, orange monarch butterfly, yellow warbler, green grasshopper, brown snake, or black-and-white striped zebra. Blue is less common. In fact, blue is one of the rarest colors in the animal world. Of course, there are blue eyes, peacock feathers, and butterflies. But these blues are not made in the same way that other colors in animals are commonly produced. Continue reading

Speed Limit

by James Morris

Infinity is a hard concept to wrap our heads around. It’s difficult to imagine anything stretching on forever and ever. And yet, when we think about common aspects of our world – time, space, temperature – there is a general thought that these go on and on, that there are no real limits in nature. We might create all kinds of boundaries – fences, walls, borders – but nature, it seems, does not.

But that’s not the case. Nature is full of limits and boundaries, in places where we might not expect them. Continue reading