Fall 2011 Event Posters Overview

Aside: Apologies for the lack of continual updates. There is a SEAC Website (CLICK HERE FOR SEAC WEBSITE) which informs the public about current SEAC events. This blog is to archive those events in a more creative fashion! 🙂


September 18: SEAC- RACHA

– Sriracha Sauce makes any food taste better. This event tested that saying.
Bonus: The Oatmeal’s cartoon on Sriracha!

October 12: Casino Night

– A fun night featuring South East Asian Card Games with candy as “poker chips”!

October 24 – 27: SEAC WEEK

– A week dedicated solely to South East Asia. Which included an opening ceremony, karaoke, bizarre food and Philippino dessert with a scary movie!

November 30: Asian Dessert Night

– Asian Dessert Night hosted by SEAC along with other Asian clubs


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