Peace Prize Presentations–Thank You For Attending!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Davis and Karpf & Hahn Peace Prize presentations last Friday, and a very special thanks to the amazing presenters and their willingness to share their incredible work with the Brandeis community. Irfan Amali spoke of his work in educating Muslim children in non-violence, and of the challenges he often had to overcome in mediating between Christian and Muslim students in the same classroom, which speaks volumes to his dedication to instilling peaceful ideals in the next generation of youth. Renana Gal spoke passionately about her highly creative experiences using theater to create a safe environment for young women and children to address the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS in Rwanda. Kayla Dinces and Lena Morrison inspired us by detailing their plan to empower women by educating them on sex, women’s rights, HIV/AIDS and abuse in Zimbabwe, a highly patriarchal society. Jessye Kass spoke of founding the Attukwei Art Foundation in Ghana, an organization that is committed to bringing art projects to children in underprivileged areas, as well as to children in hospitals with HIV/AIDS and in illegal settlements. All of you deeply impressed the attendees and we are greatly looking forward to hearing more about your work this summer when next year comes around!

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