WATCH Out! Run and Walk — Sunday, April 22nd

When? Sunday, April 22nd 10-11am (meet at the great lawn to start the run)

Why? To raise funds for the Waltham Alliance To Create Housing Emergency Funds Assistance Program to help provide emergency grants for low-income residents in need housing.

 Interested? $10 to register (includes a free wristband, free snacks and motivation along the way!). Buy tickets at: SCC box office: open Monday-Friday 12-6pm and Saturday 12-4pm, or by calling 781-736-3400

Buy your ticket at the SCC box office today!

A Message from your SJSP UDRs

Hey SJSP students! If you want to fulfill one of your SJSP requirements by doing a summer internship for credit, please contact Professor Melissa Stimell, who teaches the internship class, as soon as possible. Typically students are expected to meet with the professor in April, check in periodically over the summer, and attend a class once a week in the fall to obtain credit, although this may change from year to year. Professor Stimell is a great professor and mentor so even if you’re just looking to get credit for a summer internship without minoring in SJSP I recommend taking this opportunity. Email Thanks!

Peace Prize Presentations–Thank You For Attending!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Davis and Karpf & Hahn Peace Prize presentations last Friday, and a very special thanks to the amazing presenters and their willingness to share their incredible work with the Brandeis community. Irfan Amali spoke of his work in educating Muslim children in non-violence, and of the challenges he often had to overcome in mediating between Christian and Muslim students in the same classroom, which speaks volumes to his dedication to instilling peaceful ideals in the next generation of youth. Renana Gal spoke passionately about her highly creative experiences using theater to create a safe environment for young women and children to address the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS in Rwanda. Kayla Dinces and Lena Morrison inspired us by detailing their plan to empower women by educating them on sex, women’s rights, HIV/AIDS and abuse in Zimbabwe, a highly patriarchal society. Jessye Kass spoke of founding the Attukwei Art Foundation in Ghana, an organization that is committed to bringing art projects to children in underprivileged areas, as well as to children in hospitals with HIV/AIDS and in illegal settlements. All of you deeply impressed the attendees and we are greatly looking forward to hearing more about your work this summer when next year comes around!

Davis Peace Prize and Karpf & Hahn Peace Prize Award Presentations

Are you interested in learning about the amazing work Brandeis students have done or are planning to do around the world to promote peace? Then come check out this year’s winners of the Davis and Karpf & Hahn Peace Prize Awards as they present their projects! Presenters will include Irfan Amali, who will be discussing his project titled, “Promoting Peace and Tolerance to Muslim Children,” and Renena Gal with her project, “Empowering Young Rwandan Women and Children Through Theater.” These are just two of the projects that will be discussed; you will have to attend to see the others! The event will be held in the Peace Room in the Usdan Student Center on March 30th at 3PM. Refreshements will be served and anyone is welcome to attend, so bring a friend!

Peace Prize Presentations

Interested in:

Learning more about peace and coexistence?

Hearing about the amazing work Brandeis students have done or are planning to do around the world to promote peace?

Relaxing in the comfortable and cozy Peace Room? Then come check out the:

Davis Peace Prize and Karpf + Hahn Peace Prize Award Presentations

Where? The Peace Room in Usdan When? Friday, March 30 at 3:00PM


“Embracing Israel/Palestine” by Rabbi Michael Lerner

Rabbi Lerner, editor of Tikkun magazine, makes the case for why peace activists must be BOTH pro-Israel and pro-Palestine and that a lasting peace in the Middle East will only emerge if it fosters a transformation in the consciousness of both Israelis and Palestinians, and a triumph of the most loving and generous parts of the religious traditions in each community.  This dialogue explores how such lasting peace is unlikely unless it reflects a similar transformation in the U.S. away from expecting “homeland security” to come from political, economic or cultural dominance.

Embracing Israel/Palestine is a must-read for those who care about peace in the Middle East. It is provocative, radical, persuasive, and, if given the attention it deserves, could make a major contribution to reconciliation. Please read this book!     Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Thursday, March 22, 2012, 2-3:30pm–Golding 110, Brandeis University

“Disrupting the Script” March 19, 2012

B&A 2012

The “Disrupting the Script” conference will take place this coming Monday, March 19th. At the heart of the conference is a theater performance portraying a woman’s and her community’s reaction to her rape. This conference will help participants to disrupt the cultural scripts and narrative structures deeply embedded in our history that hinder justice for Black women who experience rape or sexual assault. We ask that participants pre-register to help us plan better, but you may also register at the door.

We will videotape parts of the conference and post them to the Feminist Sexual Ethics website after the conference, so that teachers can bring the insights of the conference into their classrooms, religious congregants into their communities, and activists into their group discussions. In addition, we will live-stream parts of the conference to:

Domestic Violence Symposium

Interested in participating in a campus-wide discussion concerning Domestic Violence? A Domestic Violence Symposium will take place on Thursday, March 8thfrom 5:45pm-8:30 pm in the Third Floor Art Gallery of the SCC. The goal of this symposium is to create a dialogue amongst the Brandeis and greater Waltham community to discuss community response to domestic violence.  We will have faculty and community members speaking on a panel discussion followed by reflection activities. After the reflection period, we hope to display posters created by students that focus on domestic violence with resources available. Hope to see you all there!

–Event Schedule:

-Event registration from 5:45-6:00

-Panel discussion from 6:00-7:00

-7:00-7:10 – break

-7:10-7:40 – break-out discussion groups (5), topics including:

-Internship and volunteer opportunities

-Research LBGT issues

-Law and Policy

-Minority issues

-Community organizing/men

–Panelists and other professionals contributing to the event:

-Judge Jeffery A. Abber, Massachusetts Family and Probate Court

-Alison Berry, REACH

-Stacey Lantz, BARCC

-Julie Youdovin, Jewish Families and Children Services

-Sara Woten, Project coordinator for Brandeis University Feminist Sexual Ethics Project, MA Sociology and Women and Gender Studies

-Deidre Hunter, Professor of Women and Gender Studies, Internship on Intimate Partner Violence course professor

-Laurie Nsiah-Jefferson, Senior Scientist, Heller School

-Caitlin Abber, Schiff Undergraduate Research Fellow


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