Barry B. Snider
Charles A. Breskin Professor of Organic Chemistrysnider_7081

Degrees                                                         Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
Columbia University, Postdoctoral Fellow (Breslow)
Harvard University, Ph. D. (Corey)
University of Michigan, B. Sc. Chem.

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781-736-2550                                 Barry B. Snider
781-736-2516 FAX                         Brandeis University MS 015
snider@brandeis.edu                   415 South Street
Office                                               Waltham, MA 02454-9110
Edison-Lecks 225


Since 1975 my group has been engaged in research in the total synthesis of natural products and three areas of synthetics method development: (1) Lewis acid-catalyzed ene reactions, Prins reactions, and cycloadditions, especially those using alkylaluminum halides as Lewis acids that are Brønsted bases,49,55,116 (2) intramolecular cycloaddition reactions of ketenes and keteniminium salts with alkenes,109 and (3) Mn(OAc)3 based oxidative free radical cyclizations.169,276  Targets synthesized include cylindrospermopsin,203 guanacastepene A,225 SCH 642305,255 berkelic acid,272,275 chaetominine,268 haterumalide,232 abyssomycin C,251 symbioimine,260 polygalolide A,263 platensiymycin,264 and vibralactone.270 Further information is provided in the Research section.