Publications 1987-1989

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Reaction of diethyl allylmalonate (6b), sterically accessible nucleophilic alkenes, Mn(OAc)3·2H2O and Cu(OAc)2·H2O gives methylenecyclopentanes 10.


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The synthesis of the anti-viral agent (-)-reiswigin A (1) was accomplished in 8 steps in 7% overall yield. The absolute stereochemistry and configuration of the side chain methyl group of the natural product were assigned as shown in 17.


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Ptilocaulin showed a fairly broad spectrum of in vitro activity against colon and mammary adenocarcinomas, melanomas, leukemias, transformed fibroblasts and normal lymphoid cells (IC50s 0.05- > 10 μg/ml).

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Intramolecular cycloadditions of arylketenes 4 proceed in excellent yield to give 5-arylbicy-clo[3.2.0]heptan-6-ones 5.


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Oxidative free radical cyclizations of β-ketoesters 1 with Mn(OAc)3·2H2O and Cu(OAc)2·H2O proceeds in moderate yield to give seven- and eight-membered rings. The regiochemistry of the cyclization and oxidative termination are described.


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The rate-determining step in the oxidation of 2-substituted acetoacetate esters by Mn(OAc)3 is the loss of a proton from the Mn(III) complex to give a radical. The rate-determining step in the oxidation of 2-unsubstituted acetoacetate esters by Mn(OAc)3 in the presence of an alkene is the addition of the alkene to the Mn(III) complex to give the addition product. In the absence of alkene, a much slower electron transfer from the enolate to the oxo-centered metal system is the rate-determining step.

104.     Snider, B. B.; Johnston, M. I. “Synthesis of Deoxytabtoxinine-b-lactam” Synth. Commun. 1987, 17, 1877-1886.

Deoxytabtoxinine-β-lactam (12) was synthesized in 6 steps from 3. β-Lactam 12 does not inhibit glutamine synthetase indicating that the hydroxyl group of tabtoxinine-β-lactam (2) is necessary for inhibition of glutamine synthetase.


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Oxidative cyclizations of 3 with Mn(OAc)3 ·2H2O gives the tricyclic product 6 in good yield. This reaction proceeds through monocyclic secondary radical 4, which adds to the benzene ring to give 5 prior to the second oxidation.


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