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Thursday, 3/29, 3:30 p.m. “Covered: Activists, Journalists, and News in a Shifting Media Landscape”

Posted by mzoltan on March 18th, 2012

Thursday March 29th, 3:30-5pm
Mandel Reading Room-3rd floor

Professor Sarah Sobieraj, Tufts University
“Covered: Activists, Journalists, and News in a Shifting Media Landscape”

Prof. Sobieraj is the author of Soundbitten: The Perils of Media (2011, NYU Press). Here’s what NYU Press says about this book:

Weaving together fieldwork, news analysis, and in-depth interviews with activists and journalists, Soundbitten illuminates the relationship between news and activist organizations. This captivating portrait of activism in the United States lays bare the challenges faced by outsiders struggling to be heard in a mass media dominated public sphere that proves exclusionary and shows that media-centrism is not only ineffective, but also damaging to group life. Soundbitten reveals why media-centered activism so often fails, what activist groups lose in the process, and why we should all be concerned.

Sponsored by: Department of Sociology and Martin Weiner Distinguished Lecturers Fund

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