Business students participating in 3 Day Startup (3DS) Challenge sponsored by Brandeis International Business School, March 16, 17th & 18th.

The following undergraduate Business students were part of a brand new program organized by the IBS Technology and Innovation Management Club and IBS Student Services. They were joined by undergraduate and graduate students from around Brandeis in Computer Science, The Heller School and IBS.

Gregory Drozdow, Tian Lan, Raya Stantcheva, Andrea Bokobsa, Bryan Belok, Jonathan Sebag, Rachel Rubin, Nathan Feldman, Kimberly Barnes, and, David Wolkoff are all business majors and minors who participated.

The 3DS is an academic workshop intended to bring forth your ideas to reality. The workshop aims at creating a ‘living entrepreneurship laboratory’ guided by professionals to help you launch your idea to a solution.

Day 1: workshops conducted by professionals on tools for starting your own company.
Day 2: ideation, strategy building and prototyping.
Day 3: the product-launch with a full-fledged Business plan presented to top-notch corporate investors, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists.

For more information: 3 Day Startup Brandeis

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