Dissertation Research Support Grants for Students in the Social Sciences

The Research Circle on Democracy & Cultural Pluralism at the Department of Politics, Brandeis University, invites applications from Graduate Students in the Social Sciences for Dissertation Research Support.

The Research Circle invites applications from PhD students in the Social Sciences for support for dissertation-related research. Projects may range from preliminary research to develop a dissertation proposal, to discrete research tasks part of the larger dissertation (e.g., a case study), or more extensive research and write-up to complete the dissertation.

Awards are made on a competitive basis, and may range from a $2000 to a $10,000 stipend, depending on the scope of the proposal.

Students must submit an appropriate request for funding, specifying the nature of the dissertation (or anticipated dissertation, in the case of a proposal for preliminary research), how it addresses the mission of the Research Circle (attached), the theoretical argument and empirical research plan (for dissertations in fields other than normative theory or philosophy), a draft/anticipated chapter outline, and a timeline for the proposed project and the dissertation. Applicants should also provide a statement all other funding for the project, including graduate stipends or RAships. A letter of support from the dissertation supervisor, which must include a frank assessment of the status of work already completed, should be sent directly to Professor Steven L. Burg in the Politics Dept, via Cheryl Hansen, administrator of the Research Circle (chansen@brandeis.edu).

Recipients must provide to the Circle copies of all work completed with Research Circle funding, by a date to be determined by the nature of the grant, after which the Circle may call on the recipient of the funding to lead a faculty-graduate student colloquium on his/her research in progress.

Application deadline is October 17, 2012.

Applicants must submit all materials in paper form to Cheryl Hansen (contact: chansen@brandeis.edu)

Research Circle on Democracy and Cultural Pluralism
Department of Politics
Brandeis University

How do democracies manage, or even gain strength from, difference? Understanding the nature of conflicts associated with difference, and finding the means by which to manage them peacefully, and in a manner that sustains and strengthens democracy is one of the great social and political challenges of our time. Conflicts based on race, ethnicity, gender, culture, and social and economic inequality are among the most compelling contemporary issues for students, for political scientists and for other scholars in the social sciences, humanities and the arts. These are issues and conflicts that are likely to become even more important as economic and technological changes, demographic processes, and immigration increase the internal diversity of open, democratic societies. The activities of the research circle are intended to encourage undergraduates to undertake the challenges of advanced classroom learning and senior honors research, faculty to provide students with curricular offerings and supervised research opportunities, and faculty and students to collaborate on original research projects focused on democracy and cultural pluralism.

The Research Circle is supported by a grant from Joseph Neubauer and Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer ‘69

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