Summer at Brandeis is not just about sitting in the classroom and studying, we know everyone wants to be enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. That is why Brandeis summer school is sponsoring a variety of fun summertime activities that you won’t want to miss.

Students hanging around campus this summer can enjoy lemonade and cookie stands, ice cream socials, trivia nights, volleyball, kickball, field trips to Boston and Newport, movie nights, and BBQs on the campus green. Summer school students get priority on all events and the subscription events are limited to enrolled summer students. All the more reason to take a class or two this summer!

Here are of some of the activities you can be a part of this summer:

6/19/15 3-5pm: Lemonade & Cookies, in The Fellows Garden
6/19/15 5.15pm: Boston Harbor Cruise
(Limited. Requires Sign Up.)
6/21/15 1.15pm: Kayaking on the Charles river
(Limited. Requires Sign Up.)
6/24/15 5:15pm: Trip to the Museum of Fine Art
(Limited. Requires Sign Up.)
6/26/15 3pm: Ice Cream Truck!  Free ice cream!
6/26/15 9pm: Movie on Chapels field; Jurassic Park open to all!
Popcorn served!
6/27/15 12-2pm: Frisbee on Chapels Field! Free Frisbees!
6/28/15 12pm-4pm: Laser Tag! On Chapels Field.
7/01/15 4pm: Study Break BBQ! On Chapels Field.
7/09/15 7pm: Movie Night!  Citizen Kane in the Wasserman, talk back following with Professor William Flesch!
7/10/15 3-5pm: Lemonade & Cookies, in The Fellows Garden
7/11/15 12-4pm: Pick up Volleyball!  Chapels Field.
7/13/15 12-4pm: Laser Tag Chapels Field
7/15/15 7pm: Trivia night
07/30/15 Dinner on us! Enjoy a trip to Margaritas in Waltham.
we will provide a gift card for your entree!
(Limited. Requires Sign Up.)
7/31/15 3pm: Ice Cream Truck!  Free ice cream location TBA.
7/31/15 9pm: Movie on the Grass; Space Jam! On Chapels field.
8/01/15 12-4pm: Kickball – Chapels Field
8/05/15 4pm: BBQ on the grass; on Chapels field.

Events are listed here and flyers are distributed around campus. More to be announced soon and even more great field trip opportunities coming your way!

For more information on how to join the fun this summer contact our summer activities director Alex Jacobs at