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Summer 2018 Classes

We’re finalizing our Summer 2018 course offerings as you read this. We’re excited to announce our next round of classes.

Check back with us in early February – or sign up here to receive an email announcement when we post our classes.

Whether you’re looking to take a chemistry series, explore screenwriting, or travel the world while earning credit towards your degree, we’ll have a class for you!


Summer Courses

As you’re finishing up your fall semester, we’re working with faculty to map out our Summer 2018 classes.

Is there a course you wish we’d offer? Let us know by emailing us at

We’ll announce our full slate of classes in February. Join our email list to be among the first to learn when we’ve posted them!

Online Information Session

Earlier this month we hosted an online information session to share insight into what summer studies mean here at Brandeis with parents and guardians.

On Monday, November 27, we’ll host another online information session – this time talking to you, the students. Have you considered what your spring course load will look like? Before you decide, think about how a summer course can help you make progress towards your degree, fulfill requirements, or even just pursue an academic passion.

The one hour, online information session will begin at 7pm eastern. You can register here.

Registration, Credits, and More

Join us on Thursday, November 9 at 7pm eastern to learn about Brandeis Summer School registration process, credit hours, and much more.

Our online information session will address points of confusion and questions for parents and guardians. We know academic decisions are often made by the whole family, not just the student. Join us and ask any questions you may  have about summer studies!

You can register here.