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First Day of Summer Session II

With Monday, July 10 fast approaching, we hope you’re preparing for the first day of Summer Session II.

Class locations can now be seen in SAGE. Be sure you’ve requested your parking permit (you can find the link in a recent email from the Summer School!). You can check in with the university bookstore to pick up any last minute materials you might need.

Please email us with any questions you might have at

End of Session I

As Session I nears its end, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on all that our students have accomplished.

Dedicating yourself to academic work while your friends might be traveling or spending time at the beach certainly takes dedication. We’re proud of you for completing your course. Thank you for studying with us.

We’ll see many of you in Session II – and we look forward to continuing to learn with you.


Need a Creative Arts &/or Oral Communication credit? Why not earn both this summer in Prof Alex Jacobs’s Public Speaking Course! This small class creates a friendly and nurturing environment for you to grow your presentation skills while exploring self chosen speech topics that inspire and excite you. As you progress through the 5 week class, you will explore many useful tools that will aid you throughout your academic and professional endeavors, including: how to structure a memorable speech, cope with anxiety and how to make your presentations engaging, with vocal variety, metaphor and storytelling.