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Course offerings in Psychology

A note from Dr. Laura Paige, instructor of PSYC 10A: Introduction to Psychology and PSYC 34B: Social Psychology for Summer 2018.


Are you a psychology major looking to complete major requirements over the summer? Or are you just interested in learning more about the brain, body, and human behavior?

This summer, both Introduction to Psychology (M,T,Th 1:30-3:50pm) and Social Psychology (M,T,Th 6:00-8:20pm) are being offered by Summer School in Summer Session I.

These courses will cover topics ranging from exploring human memory to understanding prejudice/biases to distinguishing different types of clinical disorders. As a class, we will connect scientific findings to experiences we see in daily life and in the media/pop culture.

Dr. Laura Paige will be the instructor for both courses. Dr. Paige is a recent graduate from the Psychology Department at Brandeis. Her research focuses on memory distortion in healthy aging, as well as across cultures.

For more information and to register for courses, please visit the Summer School website.


This summer, we’re offering three Anthropology courses.

ANTH 5A – Human Origins, Session II M, T, TH 11:00am – 1:20pm

ANTH 116A-  Human Osteology, Session II M, T, TH 1:30pm – 3:50pm

ANTH 168A -The Maya: Past, Present, and Future,  Online Session

Spend your summer exploring another culture – or learning about your own past!

Check out our full course list online.

2018 Registration

We’re just a few days away from the opening of 2018 Summer Registration!

On Monday, April 9 we’ll open up our course registration. Remember, if you’re interested in a course in Summer Session I or in the online session, you have to register by May 25! You can register for Summer Session II classes until June 29.

We look forward to learning with you this summer!

Preliminary Course List

We’re excited to announce that our Summer 2018 Preliminary Course List is available online.

This year we’re offering a variety of courses on campus and online to help you stay engaged during the summer and get ahead in graduation requirements. Whether you’re interested in Computer Science or Philosophy, see what you can explore this summer.

If you have questions about our courses, please email us at


Summer 2018 Classes

We’re finalizing our Summer 2018 course offerings as you read this. We’re excited to announce our next round of classes.

Check back with us in early February – or sign up here to receive an email announcement when we post our classes.

Whether you’re looking to take a chemistry series, explore screenwriting, or travel the world while earning credit towards your degree, we’ll have a class for you!


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