Humanities, being reason and imagination, is an opportunity to explore many aspects of the world that we may not have been familiar with beforehand.  It allows us to answer questions and understand concepts from our ever-changing surroundings.  To learn more about why you should enroll in a Humanities Class this summer, please read the 5 benefits listed below:

1.  Understanding Change.  The world around us is constantly changing and in order to get the fullest understanding of everything, we first need to learn more about our past and present to figure out how to deal and manage things for our unknown future.

2.  Real People.  We are a world made up of unique individuals that cannot necessarily be listed as plots on a graph or numbers on a spreadsheet.  Each person has his or her own genetic and cultural make up.  In Humanities, people and cultures are viewed at a more personal and understanding level.  Classrooms are no longer boring lectures, but relatable learning material that is interesting, fun, and exciting!

3.  Skills.  Important skills that are necessary for doing well in Humanities courses are just as important in the real world.  Doctors, Lawyers, and other professions are continuously looking for people that can read other people and not just analyze the data given to them on a piece of paper.  If one can think analytically and critically in conjunction with analyzing the human being or group, he or she will be very successful in the job field.  Humanities courses also teach people how to express one’s self verbally and in writing in an informative and interesting way.  Overall, these courses will be extremely helpful in the long run.

4. Working together.  If your sharing and team-oriented skills were not fully shaped in kindergarden, elementary school, or during summer camp, then have no fear, because Humanities courses are here!  As long as you keep an open mind and are ready to learn the new, important skills that these courses have to offer, you will be successful in absorbing everything.

5.  Meeting new people.  If you know how to meet new people and how to handle different situations, not only will you be a huge hit at parties, but you will also have the confidence that could be quite beneficial when networking for your career.

So enroll in a Humanities course today and let literature, philosophy, and the professors shape your mind for your future.