Course Spotlight: PHIL 21a Environmental Ethics

Are you still looking for a summer course? Consider a course that concerns all life on the planet!

PHIL 21a: Environmental Ethics with Prof. Ben Sherman

Clearly, it would be wrong and foolish for us to destroy the natural resources we can’t live without, or to pollute for no good reason.  In this PHIL 21a Environmental Ethics we will examine more interesting questions, like…

  • Do animals have rights we should be protecting?  What about plants?  Or ecosystems?
  • If technology can make the environment more healthy or sustainable, does it matter whether the environment is left in its natural state?
  • Should there be laws against having large families, to prevent overpopulation?
  • What if the best way to fight poverty is to stop fighting global warming?


Find out what philosophical reflection and competing ethical theories can tell us about current ecological concerns, Mon, Wed, Thur from 1:30pm-3:50pm in Summer Session I.  PHIL 21a satisfies the Brandeis Humanities Graduation Requirement. You can view a full syllabus for this class here.
Sage class number: 2106
Course Tuition: $2,320 plus a nonrefundable once per summer $50 registration fee