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Happy Valentine’s Day!

As we find ourselves anxiety ridden from all of the midterms and papers that are due just a few days before the February break, we also find ourselves wondering what to do on this lovely Tuesday.  Why is this Tuesday so LOVE-ly?  Well… it’s Valentine’s Day!  For all of the lovers out there today, here is another Unofficial Brandeis Guide to Valentine’s Day.

Boys, this is your holiday to step it up.  Treat your girlfriend to SOMETHING.  There are so many things to do in the area, and if you want to keep it within your budget you can always make a quick stop to Hannaford, the BranVan goes right there!  Hannaford is really your one-stop-shop with flowers, chocolates, and stocked shelves with endless possibilities.

However, you know your relationship better than I do.  If your Valentine likes to keep things more casual, then surprise him or her with a movie and a bottle of champagne (sparkling cider for those under 21). And, who doesn’t like chocolates (points them!)?  If you forgot to buy flowers, you can always pick up balloons in the game room in Lower Usdan.

If you aren’t really feeling the whole movie and champagne idea, then check out the Stein.  They have great prices and can be paid using a meal plan!  We all know at least one person who says that their parents met/dated here.  Who’s to say that they didn’t go to the Stein back in the day?  Actually, who’s to say that the Stein was even around then?  Regardless, it’s definitely an option.

Oh wait, what about Boston!?  Boston is only a train ride away.  I know that I am personally guilty of not using the Commuter Rail as often as I could or should, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to venture off to the Middle-Sized Apple (Sorry, I’m a New Yorker).  Unfortunately, restaurants tend to be overbooked and prices are much more expensive knowing that their demands will be met.  Maybe make a whole evening out of it.  Walk around, but bundle up!

If Boston seems a little bit out of reach, then book two spots on the BranVan and head over to Marcellino (11 Cooper Street)!  This hidden gem is around the corner from Skellig.  It is an amazing Ristorante Italiano with so many choices on the menu, every one of them being just as delicious as the last.

Ladies, kick back and enjoy the rest of the day.  If you feel the need to do something for your man, you can make a quick run to Natick and pick up some cologne.  I would strongly recommend Bleu de Chanel, Burberry Touch, or Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme.  If you want to do something a little bit more personal, think about your boo’s interests.  Does he like music festivals?  Get him concert tickets or neon apparel. Does he like big teddy bears? Who doesn’t?!  Tip: Walgreens has many different sizes, all within budget!  If you want to put on your Julia Child apron, you can definitely bake some cookies.  Try something new, like a peanut butter heart on top of a sugar cookie.  It’s fun, creative, and it’ll make your heart melt (literally, let your cookies cool slightly before doing this!).

Better luck next time!
This is addressed to both of you!  Everyone loves cupcakes.  There’s no better way to anyone’s heart that a scrumptious Crumb’s Cupcake.  For next year, look into getting the 12-pack Gourmet Taste Pack or the 6-pack Signature Collection.

Most importantly:
Today should not be the only special day for you and your partner.  Be sure to always be nice, never start fights, and throw in a few surprises throughout the year.  It’s the perfect way to keep your relationship fun and exciting.  Enjoy the rest of your day and be safe!

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