How One Student Beat the Freshman Year Crunch with Brandeis Summer School

Last summer Haley Cohen from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, now a Brandeis undergraduate student, enrolled in Brandeis Summer school to get a head start on her first year of college.

Haley opted to take the convenient online course offerings of Playwriting  and World History  for a more flexible learning experience which allowed her to participate from out of state.

“I would definitely recommend the summer program,” says Haley, “It’s also good to take a summer course because you can learn so much more by not having to study for three or four other courses all at the same time.”

Haley is now part of the women’s tennis team at Brandeis which requires a significant time commitment. The option to take courses  in the summer keeps her from over-extending herself during the school year, and reduces the risk of falling behind in her studies.


There are lots of resources for planning your summer and the faculty advisors and Summer School staff are ready to help.

Learn more about the Brandies summer school program. 2015 summer course registration will be opening soon.