On of Brandeis student biggest complaints is that though there are many courses designated as fulfilling the Non-Western and Comparative Studies requirement, there are a limited number of these offerings available each semester.   As student advance in their studies, making room for one of these courses become more difficult.

The Summer School has a great solution!  You can take HIST 56b from anywhere in the world if you have a internet connection because it’s offered on-line.   You can complete your requirement, you don’t have to be on-campus AND you won’t have to plan courses in your major around the Non-Western and Comparative offerings available during the Fall and Spring semesters.  So many good reasons to consider taking the course with the Summer School.

HIST 56b – World History to 1960
Extended Summer Session: June 1 to August 7, 2015
Survey of world history from 1450 to 1960. Topics include development of worldwide networks of economic and cultural exchange; the rise of modern political and industrial systems; colonialism, imperialism, and resistance; transformation of religious/philosophical systems and constructions of race and gender; environmental change.

Please note:Taking an online class differs greatly from taking a face-to-face class on campus. In order to receive the consent code necessary to enroll in an on-line class, students must arrange a conversation with the Summer School Director, Gwenn Smaxwill (781-736-3424), to discuss the differences between online course and face-to-face courses. At the conclusion of that conversation, students will receive a “Permission number” that will allow them to enroll in the course using the detailed registration steps found here. The “Permission Nbr” is used in Step #7 of the registration process.

Before your online class begins, students will be required to complete a self-paced LATTE tutorial to online learning. A student must have a UNET account and must be enrolled to access this tutorial which includes an overview of LATTE, the Brandeis course management website.

Enrollment is limited – early registration is highly recommended.