Summer Activities

Brandeis Summer School hosts a number of summer activities to be sure the students in our community have a chance to enjoy their study breaks.

This year, you’ll see regular lemonade and cookie events to provide a sweet treat, as well as trips to local shopping plazas for essentials. We’re also offering some more adventurous activities – like a Whale Watching trip in Gloucester. We’ll be taking students to the Museum of Fine Arts, as well as down to Newport, RI for a day at the beach and out on a sunset cruise in Boston Harbor. We hope you’ll join us for some of these activities!

If you’re on campus for the summer and interested in participating, please be sure that you submit your RSVP.

Session II Registration

With the online session and Summer Session I well underway, we’re looking forward to Summer Session II.

We’re offering a number of interesting courses. Our Session II summer classes include Anthropology courses, chemistry labs, economics offerings, classes in the arts, as well as university requirements like Public Speaking and a UWS course.

Registration for the second session is open through June 30 in SAGE.  You can learn more about the registration process on our website.

Students with questions or concerns should reach out to

First Day of Summer Session – June 5

This year Summer Session I and the online session will open on Monday, June 5. We’re so excited for students to start their classes!

If you’re taking a course with us this summer, be sure to check out your LATTE course as well as the bookstore for any required reading materials.

If you have questions, email us at!

Featured Summer Instructor

Randall Geller (2011)

I’m a Brandeis Ph.D. in Middle Eastern history with a specialization in the Arab-Israeli Conflict, and this will be my fourth year teaching in the Brandeis Summer School Program.  I love teaching at Brandeis in the summer and look forward to meeting you in class!

I’ve spent significant time in the Middle East; before I became a professor I was a tour guide and journalist in Jerusalem, Israel. I speak Hebrew and Arabic, and this is a region that has long fascinated me and I’m sure always will.  I’ll be teaching two courses this summer; in session 1 I’ll be teaching Arab-Israeli Conflict, and in session 2 I’ll be teaching the Making of the Modern Middle East.

I’m excited about the publication of my first book due out in August, entitled Minorities in the Israeli Military, 1948-1958.  It deals with the drafting of the Druze and Circassian minorities into the Israel Defense Forces and the recruitment of Muslim and Christian Arabs too; the dilemmas of drafting non-Jews suspect of potentially identifying with hostile forces in the neighboring Arab world made for fascinating research and writing! Here’s a link to the book’s website, which includes advance reviews:

In keeping with the spirit of both courses, we’ll also have Middle Eastern food in the middle of as well as at the conclusion of each semester – if you haven’t tried it, I’m sure you’ll love it!

See you in class!

First Summer Registration Deadline

The first Summer Sessions deadline is tomorrow – Friday, May 26. We hope you’ll take a few moments to review our summer course offerings.

Session I and the online session begin on June 5. We’re offering courses online and on campus to be sure that whatever you’re doing this summer, there’s a course that will work with your schedule!

You can learn about the registration process here.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at

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