Need a Creative Arts &/or Oral Communication credit? Why not earn both this summer in Prof Alex Jacobs’s Public Speaking Course! This small class creates a friendly and nurturing environment for you to grow your presentation skills while exploring self chosen speech topics that inspire and excite you. As you progress through the 5 week class, you will explore many useful tools that will aid you throughout your academic and professional endeavors, including: how to structure a memorable speech, cope with anxiety and how to make your presentations engaging, with vocal variety, metaphor and storytelling.

Session II

Brandeis Summer Session II still has seats remaining in courses. You can register for classes until June 30.

Session II offers SOC 138A, Sociology of Race, Gender and Class, as well as COSI 12 B, Advanced Programming Techniques, among many others. The variety of courses we’re offering are sure to appeal to students who are interested in making progress towards their degrees or exploring academic interests.

If you have questions about courses or the registration process, email us at


This course is a one-(summer) session course covering macroeconomic facts, theory, and policy.  It covers the determinants of economic growth, business cycles, inflation, and unemployment along with a discussion of the international economy.

The learning goals of this course are for students to leave with an understanding of:

  • how the availability of capital and labor affect a country’s standard of living;
  • how technological progress results in economic growth and higher living standards;
  • the relationship between the domestic economy and the international economic environment, as reflected in the behavior of the balance of payments; and
  • how fiscal and monetary policies affect unemployment and inflation in the short run.

In general, you will learn how to use rigorous, mathematical models to appraise critically the issues underlying important contemporary policy debates in the United States and elsewhere.

Contact if you have further questions about the course material and expectations.

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