When does enrollment start?

In early April 2015.

 If I am in High School, can I still enroll in Summer Courses at Brandeis?

High School students who have completed the junior year are eligible to enroll in summer courses upon presentation of their high school transcript and a letter of recommendation. More about High School student requirements.

What are the housing options for students?

Summer housing will be in the suite-style accommodations offered in air-conditioned Ziv Quad.  Single rooms are paired with shared common rooms and bathrooms.

How many courses can I take in one session?  One summer?

Students may enroll in two courses in a single session and a total of three for a given summer.

How many students will be in my class?  Will they all be Undergraduate Students from Brandeis University?

The average class size in humanities, social sciences and creative arts is 8-10 students; in science lectures and labs enrollment averages 20 students.  The majority of students are Brandeis degree candidates with 20% of students visiting from other schools.

What kind of credit do I receive for finishing a course?  Do these credits count towards graduating?  What if I am a degree-seeking student from another university?

For Brandeis degree candidates, summer courses appear automatically on the degree record with all earned credits applicable toward degree requirements.

Because degree and credit requirements vary significantly, visiting students are encouraged to seek advance approval of courses and credits at their home institution before enrolling.

Can I still take courses even if I am a transfer student?

Students who have transferred to Brandeis have special requirements surrounding residency and other issues related to degree completion.  They are urged to consult the University Bulletin and their transfer credit audit for details.

Do I have a few days in the beginning of the summer to decide if I want to take a course or not, similar to the “Shopping Period?

Because Summer courses move at roughly three times the pace of a course presented in a traditional semester, we make every effort to have syllabi available to aid in course selection.  Students are asked to make their course selections carefully as swapping courses and remaining current with course work is more challenging in the Summer School. After  the second day of classes, instructor approval is required to add a new class.