Adam Mandel of New York studies Health: Science, Society, & Policy (HSSP) at Brandeis. He began taking Summer School classes after his first year at Brandeis. In the summer of 2012  he took Prof. Elaine Lai’s BISC 4bj Food, Nutrition, and Health course. The following summer he enrolled in HSSP 100B Introduction to Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Population Health, a required course for his major which is hard to get into because of its limited enrollment. Little did Adam know how this post-first year and post-sophomore summers would pave the way for his future.

Last year, after his third year at Brandeis, the soon-to-be graduate applied to the Food, Lifestyle, and Health Justice Brandeis Semester. Because he had completed Prof. Lai’s course in nutrition, Adam was able to replace that component of the Food Nutrition and Health JBS with an Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship. That role gave Adam invaluable insights and skills into working with his peers. He also met his HSSP internship requirement and was the recipient of several post-graduation job offers. “This course changed my life” he reports. “The entire experience left me with both the academic and personal abilities that will help me thrive in my career.”

Adam-Mandel-Brandeis-Summer-StudentAdam is a competitive fencer at Brandeis. As an athlete and HSSP major he has a strong interest in health promotion and disease prevention. Applying the nutritional knowledge he took away from his JBS courses, Adam was able to up his physical conditioning. He and his teammates went to NCAA Regionals and earned two medals at this year’s New England Intercollegiate Fencing Championships.

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