Sara Hazelnis of Liberty, NY is a current Brandeis senior who studies Public Health  & Psychology.  She discovered Brandeis Summer School in 2011 and has been drawn back each summer by the small class sizes and the way in which summer courses are delivered. She also notes that there are more opportunities in the summer for hands-on learning than in the fall and spring semesters, particularly with the Justice Brandeis Semester offerings.

Sara-Hazelnis-Brandeis-summer-schoolAs an aspiring health educator, last summer Sara took the opportunity to be a teaching assistant for the JBS  Food, Lifestyle, & Health  course with Dr. Elaine Lai. “Participating in the Food, Lifestyle, and Health JBS course was the most rewarding academic and career building experience I have ever had at Brandeis” she says. “Not only was I able to fulfill requirements necessary for the HSSP major, I was able to get more in depth with the material than I ever thought possible and subsequently found my future career path.”

During the regular academic year at Brandeis Sara works in the Hiatt Career Center as a Hiatt advisor, office attendant, and alumni relations intern. You can also find her working as a junior manager at the Brandeis Bookstore.

These are some of the other great summer courses that Sara has taken at Brandeis:
Psychological Research Methods
Health, Community, and Society
Medicine, Body, and Culture
Healthcare Landscapes, and Diabetes.

See a full listing of our summer courses by department to explore the great opportunities there are for you.