Brandeis Summer Courses University College 2013

As our senior friends prepare for Commencement 2013 it’s important to look back and take stock of what they’ve been able accomplish here at the university. Whether you’ve got friends who are plotting their course in the real world this summer or moving on to tackle their graduate degrees, an important lesson we can all take stock in this spring is to never underestimate the power of planning.

Just four years ago many students found themselves on the Brandeis campus for the very first time, looking forward to the long road of classes, term papers, group projects and eventually graduation. Regardless of your road to an undergraduate degree, most students will tell you that it takes an immense amount of self-motivation, focus, preparation and time management. Especially in the summer!

So how’d they do it? Well, many of the graduating seniors this year planned ahead by completing their entire core course load in the fall semester!

By taking advantage of Brandeis’ summer school programs many students have found themselves in the position to explore new opportunities outside the classroom for their last spring semester of college. Whether it’s an internship with a local Massachusetts company, an experimental course outside their core curriculum, or taking time to focus on personal development, many students will agree that some small adjustments to their summer schedule has paid off in the long term.

It’s easy get a step ahead of your credits for both fall and spring semesters with some smart planning during the summertime.