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“Women, Gender, and Sexualities” is being offered in Summer Session 2

Photo of the Women's Studies Research Center building at Brandeis University

Photo of the Women’s Studies Research Center building at Brandeis University

Further fueled with the rise of the #MeToo movement, issues regarding women and gender are daily topics of discussion. This summer, you have the opportunity to dive into these issues, consider the impact, and form and inform your opinion. WMGS 5A: Women, Gender, and Sexualities will be taught during Summer Session II which runs from July 9-August 10.

The course will focus on identity, and how institutions, as well as behaviors, shape and intersect with a broad range of human affairs. Instructor Samantha Leonard will lead the class through an exploration of gender as a social, cultural, and intellectual category here in the United States and across the globe.  Join the conversation by enrolling in WMGS 5A.
About the course: 

WMGS 5A  serves as a gateway course and is required for the minor or major in Women’s Gender and Sexualities Studies at Brandeis.  The course also counts as an elective in International and Global Studies and Social Justice and Social Policy.

Learn more about the course by reviewing in the course syllabus.

To enroll in WMGS 5A:
Brandeis students simply need to log in to their SAGE accounts, term activate for summer, and enroll.
If you’re a visiting student – welcome! The Brandeis Summer School Office is ready to support you through the process to create a Brandeis student record.

Enroll today!  Enrollment closes on June 30th! 

Considering an ECON major or minor? Start your study with ECON 10a!

Student reviewing course materials on his laptop with a background illustrating the stock market rising.

ECON 10A: Introduction to Microeconomics is intended for all possible economics majors, minors, and for all other students who plan to take Econ 20 (Introduction to Macroeconomics) later in their academic career. This is the first economics course that economics students should take at Brandeis, and anyone contemplating a major or minor should start with this course.

The course will give you an idea of the range of behaviors that economists investigate, introduce you to the basic tools that we use to analyze economic behavior, and apply these tools to public policy issues. Perhaps most important, this course will introduce you to the “economic way of thinking,” an approach to decision making that applies to personal decisions, to the decisions of businesses, labor unions and other organizations, and to the larger choices that society faces.

This course satisfies the School of Social Science (SS) distribution requirement and the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) component of the General University Requirements. It is also the first course for any student considering a concentration or minor in Economics.

This course has two “broad” goals. First, it is hoped that everyone will come out of this course a more educated citizen, being able to use basic economic principles to critically evaluate the arguments for and against public policy proposals (various tax proposals, immigration reform). Second, this course should give students the theoretical tools necessary for success in subsequent economics courses.

Learn more about registration for the Brandeis Summer School here.

Experience Organic Chemistry with Kristen Mascall this Summer

Kristen joined the Chemistry Department in August ’14 to begin her transition into the role of master teacher responsible for the undergraduate organic chemistry sequence. As a pre-health requirement, the organic chemistry lecture and labs reach near enrollment of 200 students each semester. The Summer School, which has been offering pre-health courses as the core of its offerings for forty plus years, offers an opportunity for students to complete this important requirement in an different format and as a primary focus.

kristingmascall-brandeis-organic-chemistry-summer-2015Kristen earned a PhD from Dartmouth college and specializes in the areas of chemical education, organic synthesis, and medicinal chemistry. Her journey to this point began at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Mathematics. Although her initial post graduate plans were to become a dentist, an interest in organic chemistry was sparked after taking an upper-level undergraduate course “Organic Synthesis and Mechanisms.” “I could not shake the desire to learn more about this fascinating subject” she says.

During her graduate tenure, her love for organic chemistry grew along with a new found interest in teaching. With the support of her graduate advisor, Dr. Peter Jacobi, she finished her doctoral work and went on to join the Postdoctoral Faculty Fellow Program at Boston University, where she received further training in teaching Organic chemistry. After two years at BU, She became a member of the team of talented Chemistry faculty here at Brandeis dedicated to quality teaching and research.

Teaching at Brandeis has been a wonderful experience for Kristen and she is looking forward to working with the summer students staring June 1st.

Summer 2015 Courses taught by Kristen Mascall are:
CHEM 25a – Organic Chemistry, Lectures | Session I
CHEM 25b – Organic Chemistry, Lectures | Session II
CHEM 29a – Organic Chemistry Laboratory I | Session I
CHEM 29b – Organic Chemistry Laboratory II | Session II


How One Student Put Herself On the Fast Track to Graduation

Naomi Shine came to Brandeis University all the way from Lubbock, Texas to study the intersection between health policy and business. She knew what she wanted to do right from the start and quickly realized that she could accelerate her college career to complete her degree in just three years. The financial benefits of that, along with the ability to enter the workforce early were incredibly appealing.

In order to complete her college degree in such as short time, Naomi turned to Brandeis Summer School in 2013 and again in 2014. She used the summer sessions to complete Brandeis core curriculum requirements in Creative Arts, Humanities, Non-Western and Comparative Studies, and Social Science. As she returned to live in Texas for the summers, she appreciated the quality and availability of online course offerings.

Naomi’s ambition and motivation kept her an active participant in extracurricular activities as well, which enhanced her college experience that much more. “Each semester I aimed to participate in a Mountain Club trip, which took me zip-lining in New Hampshire and kayaking in Plum Island, MA. I also made an effort to participate in after-school programming for local elementary school students in the Waltham area for most of my time at Brandeis” she reports. She also became an Undergraduate Departmental Representative for her major Health: Science, Society, and Policy,  and Peer Assistant for the course “Managing Medicine.”

brandeis-summer-alumni-in-NYCAfter wrapping up her courses and completing her degree last summer, Naomi was making preparations to return to her family in Lubbock. Then a job posting by an alum appeared on her Brandeis major’s listserv. That posting altered the course of Naomi’s life. Its timing and her preparation were perfectly aligned. She’s happily living in New York City and working in her aspirational field as a health care consultant.

With the right motivation and inspiration, you too can have the successful experience that Naomi had. We hope you’ll consider some of our great summer course offerings this year.

Summer enrollment is now OPEN!

Brandeis Summer School 2015 Registration is Now Open!

Fulfill your curiosity, interests and academic requirements with some of Brandeis’ most inspiring instructors.

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Key Dates:
Session 1: June 1 – July 3
Session 2: July 6 – August 7
Online: June 1 – August 7


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