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2017 JBS Programs have been announced!

The Summer 2017 JBS Programs have been announced

The 2017 Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS) programs have been announced!

The JBS programs are engaging, immersive academic programs in which small groups of students explore a topic in depth while working closely with faculty.  In addition to a strong, connected classroom component, students participate in field trips, innovative project work, and engage with guest speakers. Students earn 12 credits toward graduation while building their professional resume.  Most students also earn a semester of residency toward graduation (With enough credits, this allows a student to potentially graduate early – students should consult their Academic Advisor if attempting to graduate early).

Each JBS is tailored to a specific area of interest and is an immersive, hands-on learning experience. Summer 2017 programs include:

    • A “Bio-Inspired Design” JBS program where students study the natural world and then use nature’s example to create innovative products using the resources of the Brandeis MakerLab.
    • A “Psychology Research into School Bullying” JBS where students take two core PSYC classes (Statistics and Research Methods) while learning about, and developing solutions to, the school bullying epidemic.
    • A “Health, Law, and Justice” JBS where students explore the legal, ethical, and policy issues facing American health care. Also, given the recent presidential election, students will consider “What comes next for American health care?”
    • And a “Voice, Web and Mobile Applications” JBS where Computer Science students work in teams to design their own working smartphone apps!

Look for applications for these unique summer program to open soon!

Summer Fun Has Begun!

This past Friday we kicked off Summer 2016 Activities!

We welcomed an ice cream truck to campus and took a break to connect with colleagues and students from all across Brandeis!

6 10 truckAll Brandeis students are welcome to participate in our Summer Activities. A detailed calendar can be reviewed here. If you’d like to join our activities email list, email us at

Join us today at 4:30pm in Gosman for pick-up basketball! 

Last Call for 2015 Brandeis Summer Courses

Online registration is no longer available, however, you may still add or drop a class by emailing until Tuesday July 7th.

See more details about important upcoming dates here.

These great summer classes may still have room:

ANTH 7a – Great Discoveries in Archaeology
BIOL 14a – Genetics and Genomics
CHEM 11b-1 – General Chemistry II – Section 1
CHEM 18b-1 – General Chemistry Laboratory II – Section 1
CHEM 25b – Organic Chemistry II, Lectures
CHEM 29b – Organic Chemistry II, Laboratory
ECON 20a – Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECON 82b – Macroeconomic Theory
ECON 171a – Financial Economics
ENG 180a – The Modern American Short Story
HISP 32a – Intermediate Spanish: Conversation
MATH 8a – Introduction to Probability and Statistics
MATH 10b – Techniques of Calculus (b)
MUS 35a – History of Rock
MUS 55a – Music in Film
PHYS 10b – Introduction to Physical Laws and Phenomena II
PHYS 18b – Introduction to Physical Laws and Phenomena II Lab
PSYC 52a – Research Methods and Laboratory in Psychology
THA 15b-2 – Public Speaking: The Art of Oral Communication (Section 2)
THA 15b-3 – Public Speaking: The Art of Oral Communication (Section 3)

In addition to getting ahead with academic requirements and unique learning experiences, Brandeis Summer School students have priority access to all of the exciting summer activities on and off campus this summer. Activities include BBQs, trips into Boston, Cambridge, and Newport, ice cream socials, movie nights, and more. All of the activities are sponsored by the Summer School and are 100% free. But sign up fast, there are a limited number of spaces for some of these events.

For more information on how to join in the summer fun contact our summer activities director Alex Jacobs at

We hope to see you this summer!


Summer at Brandeis is not just about sitting in the classroom and studying, we know everyone wants to be enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. That is why Brandeis summer school is sponsoring a variety of fun summertime activities that you won’t want to miss.

Students hanging around campus this summer can enjoy lemonade and cookie stands, ice cream socials, trivia nights, volleyball, kickball, field trips to Boston and Newport, movie nights, and BBQs on the campus green. Summer school students get priority on all events and the subscription events are limited to enrolled summer students. All the more reason to take a class or two this summer!

Here are of some of the activities you can be a part of this summer:

6/19/15 3-5pm: Lemonade & Cookies, in The Fellows Garden
6/19/15 5.15pm: Boston Harbor Cruise
(Limited. Requires Sign Up.)
6/21/15 1.15pm: Kayaking on the Charles river
(Limited. Requires Sign Up.)
6/24/15 5:15pm: Trip to the Museum of Fine Art
(Limited. Requires Sign Up.)
6/26/15 3pm: Ice Cream Truck!  Free ice cream!
6/26/15 9pm: Movie on Chapels field; Jurassic Park open to all!
Popcorn served!
6/27/15 12-2pm: Frisbee on Chapels Field! Free Frisbees!
6/28/15 12pm-4pm: Laser Tag! On Chapels Field.
7/01/15 4pm: Study Break BBQ! On Chapels Field.
7/09/15 7pm: Movie Night!  Citizen Kane in the Wasserman, talk back following with Professor William Flesch!
7/10/15 3-5pm: Lemonade & Cookies, in The Fellows Garden
7/11/15 12-4pm: Pick up Volleyball!  Chapels Field.
7/13/15 12-4pm: Laser Tag Chapels Field
7/15/15 7pm: Trivia night
07/30/15 Dinner on us! Enjoy a trip to Margaritas in Waltham.
we will provide a gift card for your entree!
(Limited. Requires Sign Up.)
7/31/15 3pm: Ice Cream Truck!  Free ice cream location TBA.
7/31/15 9pm: Movie on the Grass; Space Jam! On Chapels field.
8/01/15 12-4pm: Kickball – Chapels Field
8/05/15 4pm: BBQ on the grass; on Chapels field.

Events are listed here and flyers are distributed around campus. More to be announced soon and even more great field trip opportunities coming your way!

For more information on how to join the fun this summer contact our summer activities director Alex Jacobs at

Keep Your Intellectual Edge Sharp with Convenient Summer Courses

Summertime is here, how will you be spending it? It’s not too late to enroll in a great summer course

If you are underwhelmed by your current or summer job, it might be time to consider how you can turn things around. The Brandeis summer program offers great opportunities to increase productivity and inspire change. Better yet, it is open admission so anyone who has completed high school can create a student record and easily register for classes! Are you ready to make this summer count?

Since summer courses are accelerated, it is easier to find time to make the commitment to learning something new while maintaining other obligations. For some it could be a continuation of what they previously started, while others could be inspired for change.

Whatever your reason is, Brandeis summer school offers something for everyone.

The Summer School a great selection of courses beginning in July that are easy to register for. All you have to do is create a student record in SAGE if you have not done so already, and the possibilities are endless.

We hope to see you on campus this summer!