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Brandeis Summer School 2015 Key Dates Announced

Brandeis Summer School 2015 kicks off on the first day of June, 2015. Our open-admission summer program has something for everyone with a wide range of course offerings.

Mark your calendars with the following key dates:

  • Session I: a 5-week session from June 1 to July 3, 2015
  • Session II: a 5-week session from July 6 to August 7, 2015
  • Extended Session: a 10-week session from June 1 to August 7, 2015
Course selection for classes Summer Session I must be complete by May 22, 2015. Course selection for Summer Session II must be complete by June 26, 2015.

The Brandeis Summer School offers 80+ courses on a variety of engaging topics. We offer prehealth chemistry and physics, economics, creative writing, english, biology, music, anthropology, sociology, psychology, fine arts, film studies and courses that can be taken entirely online.

If you are looking for something outside of the standard curriculum, the Justice Brandeis Semester is offering some great specialized learning opportunities that combine the traditional learning environment with real world experience. These specialized courses run 8-10 weeks and include topics in innovative scientific engineering, advanced marketing topics, and healthcare improvement strategies.


If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stay tuned for updates, and sign up to stay informed!


Fulfill your curiosity, interests, and academic requirements with some of Brandeis’ most inspiring instructors.



summer credits boston ma 2014
Summer Session I June 2 to July 3, 2014
Summer Session II July 7 to August 8, 2014
Extended Summer Session June 2 to August 8, 2014

Stay one step ahead this summer at Brandeis University:
• Fulfill prerequisites
• Focus on a challenging topic
• Enroll in a class you always wanted to take
• Work on a second major or minor
• Study with world-class faculty
Phone: 781.736.3424

Visit our website for expanded course descriptions ( Hope to see you this summer!

JBS: 12 Credit Immersive Summer Experience

immersion credits summer 2014Looking to make the most of your summer learning experience? The Justice Brandeis Semester is a full-bodied summer dive into a topic area that will not only earn you credit but also reshape the way you think about getting an education.

JBS is an engaging, immersive academic program in which small groups of students explore a thematic topic through inquiry-based courses linked to real-world experiential opportunities.

JBS internships, field-based research, creative work or community-engaged learning allow students to:

  • gain real-world experience through experiential learning.
  • build close relationships with professors and small groups of students.
  • acquire skills that will make them stand apart from their peers after Brandeis.

Application Information

JBS applications are now available!  Click here to access the program applications.


American Democracy: Version 2.0
12 credits, Professor Dan Kryder

Architectural Design Studies
12 credits, Professor Christopher Abrams

Brand Marketing and Communications
12 credits, Professor Grace Zimmerman

Breaking Boundaries: Immigration and Education
12 credits, Professor Mitra Shavarini and Professor Kristen Lucken

Civil Rights and Educational Equity in the U.S.
12 credits, Professor David Cunningham

Exploring the Past, Impacting the Future: Archaeological Fieldschool
12 credits, Professor Donald Slater and Professor Javier Urcid

Food, Lifestyle and Health
12 credits, Professor Elaine Lai and Professor Lindsay Rosenfeld

Health, Law and Justice
12 credits, Professor Sarah Curi and Professor Alice Noble

Real Estate Development and Investment
12 credits, Professor Edward Chazen

Understanding the American Jewish Community
12 credits, Prof. Len Saxe and Prof. Amy Sales

Voice, Web and Mobile Applications
12 credits, Professor Timothy Hickey and Professor Marie Meteer

Summer Instructor Profile: Jennifer Cleary

Jennifer Cleary brings creativity and a hands-on approach to Summer School teaching.

Last spring, Professor Jennifer Cleary spent a lot of time talking about social media. In a theater course on Ensemble Production, her students collaborated to produce an original performance piece called iShow. The production gave students the chance to reflect creatively on the way social media shapes their lives. Professor Cleary facilitated the production, helping students learn about ensemble production while asking real questions about their daily experiences.

This interplay between life and education, between the passions that move us, the questions that drive our everyday lives, and the learning we pursue in the classroom motivates all of Professor Cleary’s teaching. She recently developed a course in Creative Pedagogy for students in the Brandeis Education Department, exploring creativity in education to help budding educators imagine new possibilities in and out of the classroom. Her course, Playing for Change, pushes Brandeis theater students to find ways to use theater to drive social change and foster community-building in the real world. Students leave Professor Cleary’s classes better prepared to participate in a changing society.

A regular instructor for the Rabb Summer School, Professor Cleary draws on more than a dozen years of teaching experience at Brandeis. With a diverse background in performance, theater, experiential learning, and more, she offers Rabb Summer School students an exciting opportunity to explore public speaking almost every summer. Look for her course THA 15b: Public Speaking: The Art of Oral Communication when summer course lists arrive in the spring.

When we asked Professor Cleary about what makes teaching Rabb Summer School student special, she called it one of her “most enjoyable teaching experiences!” Some think of the summer session, she explained, as laid-back experience, where the “relaxing nature of shorts and flip flops makes learning watered down.” “In fact,” she said “it’s quite the opposite.”

tha15-2013-jenclearyProfessor Cleary with her adorable dog Zooey

Because the summer sessions are compressed, Professor Cleary’s students do a lot of work in their five-week course. “It can be hard when it comes to public speaking,” she explained, “because it’s something people can be enormously afraid of, and it can take time to overcome those fears.” But this intensive effort allows the classes to become “invested in the work and in each other” in a way that the regular semester schedule sometimes prevents. Above all, she explains, “It is the smaller class for me in summer, which I love, because the community we build is vital to the progress made in the work.”


Write Fiction, Poetry, Travel Writing, or Your Memoirs this Summer!

Take a writing course at Brandeis in Summer 2013

Write Fiction, Poetry, Travel Writing, or Your Memoirs this Summer!

Take ENG 129a Writing Workshop in Summer Session II: July 8 to August 9, 2013

The class meets T, W, Th 11:00 AM – 01:30 PM, and is a 4-credit hour course fulfilling the Brandeis Graduation Requirements of Writing Intensive (wi) and Humanities (hum),

In this course, this writers’ circle will explore various approaches to writing in the genre of your choice: fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction.

As models for writing, we will choose from such writers as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jhumpa Lahiri, Tim O’Brien (The Things They Carried), Tobias Wolff, Sherman Alexie, Pico Iyer, and, among other poets, Billy Collins.  However, the focus of this workshop will be on your original work, including options in literary journalism, travel writing, and memoir.

Your final projects will be considered for publication in FUSION: A Global Forum of Words, Music, and Art:

This course is available for Undergraduate Credit only in Summer 2013. You can view a syllabus for this class here.  This class is a graded course but Brandeis students may use up one of their Pass/Fail options for this course.


If you have questions about the course, please contact the Instructor, Professor Joseph Coroniti, at:

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