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Get online and get outside this summer!

Get online and get outside this summer!

Our online BISC 11a: Biodiversity Connections class will help you do both!

Photo of a lake, small island, trees, mountain, sky, and buildings representing bio-diversity

If you are looking to complete your Brandeis School of Science graduation requirement then check out BISC 11a: Biodiversity Connections.  (BISC 11a is open to any college student or degree recipient with an interest in the subject matter.  The course is also open to select high school students.)
This online course will help you discover the natural world by doing citizen science (via in tandem with an exploration of ecology and evolution. So, if you are curious about the natural world and want to explore nature (from anywhere in the world), then this course is a great opportunity for you to get outside and discover local biodiversity.

Photo of a young woman working on her course work in a city park

BISC 11a is taught by Prof. Colleen Hitchcock of the Biology Department and Environmental Studies Program and is designed to promote local exploration of biodiversity through citizen science while you learn the fundamentals of ecology and evolution. Throughout the 10-week course you’ll have a chance to delve into the basics of biodiversity science and make contributions to biodiversity research by using a digital camera or cell phone to capture data about the biodiversity you interact with every day.
Biodiversity Connections is an entry-level science course designed to satisfy the School of Science graduation requirement and there are no prerequisites to this course! (The Science graduation requirement needs to be completed by all Brandeis students – not just students majoring in the Sciences!) 
Enrolled students will discover how everyone can make scientific contributions through citizen science and will use citizen science research to complement the scientific topics explored in each week’s online discussions. So get outside and explore the natural world regardless of if your summer is being spent in an urban center, suburb, or remote natural location while completing this online summer course.

Click here to learn more about online courses at Brandeis and how online classes are conducted!

Photo of a an ariel view of a city with busy highways and green spaces teeming with biodiversity.

Course offerings in Psychology

A note from Dr. Laura Paige, instructor of PSYC 10A: Introduction to Psychology and PSYC 34B: Social Psychology for Summer 2018.


Are you a psychology major looking to complete major requirements over the summer? Or are you just interested in learning more about the brain, body, and human behavior?

This summer, both Introduction to Psychology (M,T,Th 1:30-3:50pm) and Social Psychology (M,T,Th 6:00-8:20pm) are being offered by Summer School in Summer Session I.

These courses will cover topics ranging from exploring human memory to understanding prejudice/biases to distinguishing different types of clinical disorders. As a class, we will connect scientific findings to experiences we see in daily life and in the media/pop culture.

Dr. Laura Paige will be the instructor for both courses. Dr. Paige is a recent graduate from the Psychology Department at Brandeis. Her research focuses on memory distortion in healthy aging, as well as across cultures.

For more information and to register for courses, please visit the Summer School website.

Summer Courses

As you’re finishing up your fall semester, we’re working with faculty to map out our Summer 2018 classes.

Is there a course you wish we’d offer? Let us know by emailing us at

We’ll announce our full slate of classes in February. Join our email list to be among the first to learn when we’ve posted them!

Registration, Credits, and More

Join us on Thursday, November 9 at 7pm eastern to learn about Brandeis Summer School registration process, credit hours, and much more.

Our online information session will address points of confusion and questions for parents and guardians. We know academic decisions are often made by the whole family, not just the student. Join us and ask any questions you may  have about summer studies!

You can register here.

Online Information Session

For over 40 years, the Brandeis Summer School has offered a variety of classes and unique programs to help students earn credits, work on a double majors and minors, fulfill requirements, and make progress toward graduation.

On November 9th, the Summer School will host an online information session about summer study for parents and guardians of Brandeis students. This webinar will give you the information you need so you can help your student use the summer to their advantage.

The session will introduce the methods students use to get ahead during the summer and the various options around summer study. We’ll share important information about class selection and registration, important dates and deadlines, and how summer term differs from the regular academic year. Summer staff will also provide an overview of life on campus during the summer. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about Summer School so you can best support your student.

The online information session will take place on Thursday, November 9, at 7:00pm EST.  You can register for the session by following this link.  Details and reminders for the webinar will be sent to you via email.