Whether you are commuting from across town, across the country, or from across the globe, Waltham is an extremely accessible town.  It is exceptionally easy to maneuver within the town as well.  With the numerous modes of transportation close to campus, you will never feel immobile.

The Commuter Rail is a fast, easy way to get to Boston or Cambridge.  Schedules change with the holidays and weekends, but all schedules are available online.  The train stops at the Brandeis-Roberts station at the south edge of campus, along South Street across from the Epstein Service Center.  Make sure you get there a few minutes before your train is supposed to arrive!  The train goes east to Waltham, Belmont, Cambridge and North Station in Boston. In Cambridge, the train stops at the Porter Square station, where connections can be made to the Red Line of Boston’s ‘T’ subway system. In Boston, the train stops at North Station, where you can get on both the Green and Orange Lines of the ‘T’. These have connections to all other lines of the subway system.

Buses are your ideal mode of transportation if you want to go into Boston.  They can take you pretty much anywhere that you would like to go within the city.  The number 553 bus runs by Brandeis, goes through the center of Waltham and into Newton. It’s a great way to get moving for those who do not have a car or for those who do not like to drive as often.

For Zipcar, you only need to be 18+ to join.Members age 18-20 can use a dedicated group of Zipcars that live on campus. Members age 21+ also have access to thousands of Zipcars all around the world. Find cars on or around the Brandeis campus.

For those who need to travel high in the sky to get to the Brandeis campus, don’t fret!  Logan International Airport is incredibly close to the school.  If you ever need to get to or from the airport ask a friend to drive you, split a cab with some friends, or call a cab yourself.

If you plan on hitting the highways, then luckily for y’all Brandeis is located right off of i95 and the Massachusetts Turnpike!  Getting here from New York and neighboring states is fairly easy, but if you want you can always check out a map or GPS.

Speaking of the easy drive from New York, some of you may be interested in reserving a spot on one of the large coach buses that make rounds every day.  You can book a seat for about $20 and you can dropped off in various locations depending on where you need to be in New York.

If you have any suggestions that worked well for you, please feel free to comment on the blog post to help out your fellow Brandeisians.