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After finishing my internship I feel a distinct sense of accomplishment in more ways than I imagined. As I have written in previous blogs, I have learned so much that I can take back to the class room. At Brandeis I have created an IIM around Urban Studies. Over the course of my internship I conducted over 40 interviews of community leaders that have used ioby to help create the change they want in their own neighborhoods. These interviews have given me insight into what needs community members have from their community. It also has shown me many different ways that people go about ensuring that their neighborhoods are healthy and vibrant. I have saved all of the research that I have done and may use it for a project some time this year.


While I did expect to have an enriching academic experience, I also got to meet and work with talented and passionate people. It was really awesome working directly underneath the co-founders of the organization because I not only learned how the organization functions in the present but I also learned about how the organization has changed and grown. These relationships will definitely help me as I enter into the workforce.

I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone that is interested. While it was not a very established program like other internship opportunities, It did allow me to get real hands on experience. As a senior this internship has given me a better idea of what working a 9-5. It has also helped me narrow down what I want to be getting from a job that I might take after this school year. I think that it was really helpful to have personal interaction with the leaders of the organization. If anyone is looking into working for ioby I would recommend investing in relationships with the co-founders. They were not only hardworking but also very willing to talk about their experience. We discussed topics ranging from grad school to the process of starting a non-profit.


I am so grateful that I have had this important opportunity. It has not only taught me so much but also made me feel productive throughout the summer. I hope to find a job next year that will be as rewarding as working for ioby this summer.


Josh Berman ’15

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  1. Josh, your summer sounds amazing! From what you’ve told me about ioby it sounds like an incredible organization, and it sounds like the work you did there was really substantive and gratifying.

    I loved that you were able to speak directly with FORTY community leaders. I would be curious to hear if all of the feedback you encountered was positive, and if their interviews gave you any solid strategies for change within the organization in the future.

    People sometimes have reservations about working at smaller organizations, but your experience seems to testify to how great it is to work with such a small and intimate staff. Working directly under the co-founders must have given you serious insight into your future career prospects. I had a similar experience at NARAL and I’d happily choose the smaller staff over a more impersonal, corporate one any day.

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