Saying Goodbye to AVODAH

This summer has been a whirlwind of adventure to say the least, and I have enjoyed everyone minute of it. It was weird saying goodbye to the cubicle that I had worked in for the past 11 weeks, and to all of my amazing coworkers and friends that I was introduced to along the way. 

I know that I mentioned in my last post that I had discovered that working in the non-profit sector was more of a hobby than a profession for me, and although it was true I am still so grateful for my opportunity with AVODAH this summer. My first day in the office, I came in with no experience working in an office, and brought with me only a notepad and a pen. Now I am leaving with a confidence I never had before about this style of work. My main goal with this internship was to figure out how to work in an office setting, and whether working in the non-profit world was something that I wanted to pursue, and I think I was successful with both targets. My career interests have altered since I first arrived at AVODAH, but that was part of the reason I explored this internship experience in the first place. To figure out if a girl wants to work in the Theater, first you have to take her out of it.















I think what I have learned the most from this experience is to not be afraid to try different professions, and take innovative opportunities because you never know where they may lead. For me, spending a summer New York City exploring both the non-profit world by day, and the theater world by night helped reaffirm my passions for the two, and helped lead me into a professional direction for the future. I truthfully was nervous when I received my internship with AVODAH for the summer, but I am so thankful that I seized this job because I know I have grown from it in a way that I probably would not have by staying in Philadelphia. If anyone reading this is interested in working for AVODAH for the summer, my recommendation is to apply! This is coming from someone who learned she does not even want to work in this field, but this summer was unforgettable. The people you will meet throughout the company are so kind and intelligent, and also it is an opportunity to explore a new place or field summer, so to me applying here is a no-brainer. I am truly shocked by all AVODAH, and New York City has taught me over these past 11 weeks. From meeting volunteers who moved me, to seeing shows on discount that inspired me. Never be afraid to take a chance on a wonderful position, you may just be surprised at what it will teach you.

– Jessica Star ’17

2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to AVODAH”

  1. Congratulations on completing your internship and gaining more clarity on your career goals! It sounds like Avodah was a great place to intern and explore the non-profit sector. I think it shows a lot about the organization and your time there that you are able to recommend this internship even though you learned you do not want to continue working in the non-profit world. Also, it is very cool that you were able to see discounted shows in the city! I saw a lot of improv shows while I was interning in DC and I realized that I definitely want to keep up with my involvement in improv but I, like you, realized I will most likely not pursue a professional career within the field that I interned in this summer.

  2. Congrats, Jess! I’m glad you feel like your time was valuable, even if this isn’t what you want to do forever. At my internship at a theater, a professional designer told all of the interns “if there is anything else you could imagine doing with your life, do that.” I think that journey to discovering your true passion for theater, like yours, is so important for aspiring theater artists. You need to know that theater is it–that you can’t imagine doing anything else that is steadier, more lucrative, etc. I’m glad you’ve had the opportunity to figure that out while still in college and can’t wait to see what theater you create this year at Brandeis!

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