Continuing my Virtual Internship Experience

Two months into interning remotely, this virtual experience has taught me a lot about how to be a proactive, productive intern. Going into an office holds people accountable and responsible for showing up on time, keeping themselves busy, and asking for help when help or guidance is needed. By removing this boundary, I am holding myself accountable for mimicking a normal workday to the best of my ability. Given that most of my communication with the agency is done over email, it also means that I have to actively speak up when I have a question, concern, or comment. I am responsible for finishing tasks in a timely manner and staying focused on the tasks at hand. Therefore, in this regard, I am very grateful that my virtual work experience has taught me how to stay on track and hold myself responsible because I don’t have the luxury of communicating effortlessly in an office, face to face.

Under a completely different light, I have enjoyed the flexibility of designing my own workdays and not operating under a strict schedule. It’s kind of relaxing to wake up without worrying about a long commute and being able to read the stories I’m covering outside in the sun. It’s almost nice not having to stay cooped up in an office chair inside all day, but instead, having the luxury of accomplishing my work wherever I want.

My typical workspace

My experience with World of Work has differed from my typical university/academic life because the experience has been a lot more self-motivated and independent. In a university setting, it is usually clearly defined what a professor is looking for in an assignment and what a student is expected to complete. This is less defined with my internship. It also adds a unique layer knowing that you are not crafting an assignment in order to get a good grade. My ambitions are more focused on me doing well because I want to do well and because I care about the organization, and less about attaining that satisfactory A.

Therefore, as a result of this internship, I have gained and developed many skills that will help further both my academic and professional career. I feel more confident in my ability to take initiative and solve problems without so much guidance. Due to this experience, I have also grown to trust my own creativity and know that even though I am just an intern, my ideas and suggestions can still be valuable to the wider organization.

From how to write good coverage to how to tell when a novel is worthwhile, I have also gained a lot of intel and tools on how to succeed within the literary agent industry. This will impact my role as a student because I think that I have become a stronger writer because of this experience and I have strengthened my editing abilities, all skills that will help me succeed in the classroom.