For Current Fellows

Congratulations on your WOW Fellowship!
In order to fulfill your WOW requirements you must complete the following:
(If you have any questions, contact Jackie Blesso:

1. Check-Ins
You have been assigned a Hiatt staff member who will serve as your liaison with the Hiatt Career Center through the summer. This person can help answer specific questions about the program, assist you should unexpected circumstances arise, and help guide your progress during the internship experience. You are required to complete the following check-ins:

  • First week of work (email or phone call to Hiatt Liaison to confirm that you’ve arrived)
  • Mid-summer check-in (short conversation about how you are progressing on your learning goals)

View your Hiatt Liasion assignment here!

2. WOW Blog Posts
Prior to posting, please review the WOW Blog Guidelines and User Manual.

  • Posts will be roughly 500 words and must contain at least 2 hyperlinks and 2 graphics/photos/images/videos.
  • Posts will be public and viewable by all internet users. They should be professional, appropriate, and error-free.

For Social Justice WOWs only
Social Justice WOWs will respond to five Social Justice Blog Questions over a series of 5 weeks (June 25 – July 23) .

For all other WOWs (Universal, Science, Theater, Business, Social Work, Public Service, Katz)
All other WOWs will submit three posts (at the beginning, middle & end of your internship) addressing these response questions.

3. Evaluations
You are required to complete the following evaluations:

4. Upon Returning to Campus
Detailed instructions will be emailed to you at the end of the summer

  • Write a thank you note to your WOW donor
  • Social Justice WOWs will attend a half-day retreat (date & time, TBD)
  • Experiential Learning WOWs will present at the Experiential Learning Symposium and coordinate a presentation with an academic department

Additional Ways to Engage