American Studies student Daniel Liebman to speak at Brandeis commencement

Congratulations are in order for graduating senior and American Studies major Daniel Liebman. As BrandeisNOW reports:

Being the one student who will represent a graduating class of 825 may seem a daunting task, given that they hail from approximately 53 countries and 43 American states, and speak some 37 languages. But there are more similarities than differences among Brandeisians says Daniel Liebman, who has been chosen by his classmates to deliver the Student Address at this year’s commencement.

Students are already aware of what Brandeis has done for them, says Liebman — from teaching critical thinking skills and capacities for scholarly inquiry to forging enduring bonds of intellect and affection with professors and each other. It’s what the class of 2012 has done for Brandeis that Liebman will ask his classmates to ponder.

“You are not the same person you were four years ago; and as a result, this university is not the same place that it was four years ago,” he plans to say at commencement. “Think about what you have done for Brandeis. Indulge me for a moment. I guarantee that you have left your mark in some way or another.”

The honor of speaking at commencement is open to everyone in the graduating class. It begins with a call to write and submit a speech by the end of February. Usually there are 25 to 30 applicants; this year, there were 27.

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