Revised Story Pitch: Brandeis Sustainability Fund/Cassie Cain Interview

Pitch #1: Environmental issues at Brandeis through the lens of BSF’s Cassie Cain ’18.

Unknown to most Brandeis students, the University has a specific fund devoted to solving environmental issues and improving sustainability on campus. The Brandeis Sustainability Fund, or BSF, has been collecting $7.50 per student per semester since Fall 2011, and rarely receives more than one project proposal per semester.

Cacilda “Cassie” Cain ’18 is the newest student representative to the BSF, is involved in Brandeis Climate Justice, and knows the campus environmental scene better than anyone. She provides an insight into this powerful fund, and into the state of environmental issues on campus. I would like to ask her:

-who her mentors are in these areas,

-what she hopes to accomplish with the BSF,

-what was the first environmental group she joined on campus,

-where she sees this activism taking her after university,

-when she plans to review projects for the BSF,

-why she is interested in environmental studies,

-how she came to be involved in eco-friendly projects and environmental activism in general,

-and how she plans to impact sustainability on campus through the BSF.

After the BSF meets and chooses projects, I would want to meet with Cassie again. I would ask follow-up questions, such as:

-who proposed ideas,

-what kinds of projects were funded,

-how did the board choose between projects,

-how funding decisions were made,

-how many proposals, historically, does the board see per semester,

-and how the board plans to make the student body aware of BSF’s existence/abilities.





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